Trend Alert – Cherry Blossom

I am volunteering this morning at my son’s 1st grade Japan Festival.  The children spend a few weeks learning about the present day culture of Japan, specially children their age.  This is the most adorable festival.  I will be working the craft station (because I am an amazing mom….), where among other things they will be making cherry blossom art.  MV5BMjEzNDIyNjcxNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTY3NDA4ODE@._V1__SX1096_SY732_ images-2

So I thought I would look up the significance of the cherry blossom tree in Japanese culture.  The Japanese have it going on in the spring.  Once the cherry blossoms bloom they gather at parks and public places for “Hamani” (cherry blossom viewing) to honor the blossoms and the representation of the beauty of life, however fleeting.  Some have pinics and others go into full-on party mode, honoring the blossoms through consuming lots of rice wine.  I am generalizing here but it looks like a great time!  So as I “researching” while drinking sake bombs, I came across some beautiful wall coverings from Gracie and DeGuynee.  This trend can be interpreted in many ways, wallpapers, murals, paintings, floral arrangements.  The cherry blossom tree is so beautiful especially when it blooms, I may even plant a tree in my yard.  Watch for me “pinic-ing” under it next spring.

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Beautiful examples of cherry blossom wall coverings, some hand painted from Gracie (here) and de Gournay (here).


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How to bring this trend into your home:


A rug from One Kings Lane
A framed print from OKL
Mix up a Cherry Blossom Bomb – Mix vodka, cherry juice (Trader Joe’s has a great one), fresh lime juice, simple syrup, and one Maraschino cherry with a little juice from the jar.

Add cherry blossom floral arrangements around your home.  The flowers are so simple and beautiful enhancing almost any room.

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