TomBoy Home Renovation Update: Why are we doing this again???


3820075149_20494a0248_m“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans” is the most perfect quote for renovating.

Here is how it is going:

Bad news – the tile guy went MIA and showed up Thursday.  My husband went down all day Saturday to get as much tile done as possible.  It just needs to be grouted.


Good news – my husband put in the penny round tile and I love it!


Good news- the shower stall in the master bathroom is all tiled and it looks so much better than before.  It is a small shower but I think it looks pretty good here.


Bad news – some type of wood eating insect showed up in the mantel also on Thursday.  Needs to be replaced.


Bad news – the love of my life, a Palacek Jeffrey Alan Marks pendant light is holding up the electrician.  This light is like a good looking boyfriend – high maintenance and not worth it….


Good news – it came without a ceiling light plate and hook (which some pendants come with and some do not) I had to buy this one (below) from a supplier in London.  The plate itself cost under $10 but it cost $30+ for shipping.  Which I have to say this company in London, Mr. Resistor, saved the day because it came very fast!!

IMG_0471Bad news – the wallpaper guy can’t install the wallpaper until next week (our fault not his fault) throwing off the inspection date – which throws off move in date… (Side note: My husband did not want to do the wallpaper in the first place.  We can’t even talk about the wallpaper without him giving me a dirty look.  He told me we might have to wait until September to do it and I went Bad Girls Club angry.  It was like wallpaper was my rage word and I went temporary insane.  You wouldn’t believe the things I said, like I don’t f’n care if a f’n monkey hangs that paper just get it done.  So after apologizing for 48 hours straight we are finally able to talk about the incident without anger….)

Too bad Hamarabe is not around he could have hung this for me

Good news – the IKEA shipment showed up! Bad news boxes have overtaken the house.


Good news – the shingles are going up on the house and I love that old cape look!IMG_0026Good news – the exterior side and back of the house where we aren’t shingling until next year is painted a light gray.


Good/bad news – The patio is in! The fire pit looks like shit and my husband is changing it.  I said it looked fine but he said in person it is “horrendous”. (Say horrendous with a Marky Mark accent and you have my husband)


We are changing it to one of these below:

FullSizeRender 3

Overall news – these are some of the problems going on at the Taj Mahal that we are building.  Like very other renovation we have done – we are both a little stressed and looking forward to the end. You can barely even say the words cape house in our home right now.  We are both just heads down, dug in deep like ticks on a dog’s ass just trying to get it done.  I really don’t know how Chip and Joanna do it with a constant smile on their faces.  Maybe they are secretly popping Xanax between takes….

So things are good. This is all just par for the course, especially in crunch time.  We will get it done like we always do and just try not to get divorced in the process.