TomBoy Home Renovation – the wonders of lawn sod

Quick friday update – the house is coming together on the interior.  I am will be posting a look at each room throughout the rest of the summer.  I have finally had a little talk with myself that it is not all going to be done this summer.  It will be a work in progress.  That is also what makes this house fun – I can continue to look for things and do little projects throughout this year.  I have been very sad that the renovation is coming to an end.  Renovations are very stressful but also very exciting as you see the changes take place in your home.  I get giddy over the littlest door hinge!

Anyway, this Spring we hired an amazing landscape company to take care of our yard.  After doing work on the exterior of a house typically any existing landscaping and grass areas get destroyed.  When we ripped up the concrete patio and put in the new patio the whole backyard was torn up and leveled.

05-12 Progress Photos - Patio Demo
Before photo of backyard patio getting demo-ed


Before photo of the backyard after we ripped out the concrete patio

Jesse recommended we seed the front yard and because the backyard is so small, lay down lawn sod.  I have never done this before on any of our projects.  It was fascinating and amazing!  In just a couple of hours, we had a full backyard.

During photo – look at those lawn sod burritos
Jesse hard at work
After photo – almost done


Front yard grass seed growing in

Before the lawn sod and seeding was done the house was taking a beating with all the tracked in dirt.  I was sweeping like a crazy person.  I was sweeping in my sleep.  I kept snapping at everyone to wipe their feet.  I was making the family miserable.  We now have grass growing in the front yard and should have a full lawn in a month.  Next we need to start thinking about landscaping the beds around the house.  I also plan on doing two white window boxes in the front once we get the shutters up.

Inspiration Photos for window boxes and shutters:

love these anchors (and color)
Board and batten with anchor cut-out – popular on beach homes.
This is going to be bold faced copied by me and put on the house ASAP! I love this!
Adorable boxes on a shingled home
I am a big fan of white and blue or purple flowers with lots of greens! This is perfection.
White flowers again – simple and bold

Thanks for reading along during this renovation.  You can also follow along on my instagram @tomboyhome