TomBoy Home Renovation – How to treat those windows

Is there anything else in the interior design category that gives people more stress and anxiety than window treatments.  I find them so stressful at times that I have actually sold my husband on the lie that I love the way plain windows look.  We have a sunroom that is hotter than Hades in the summer and I refuse to even entertain the thought of window treatments, one because they are expensive and two because it is reallllly hard!

But my husband asked me to stop dragging my ass on the windows at the Cape.  His rational was security reasons.  He is right… when we leave for the weekend it is a good idea to draw the curtains for added security.  So I knew it was time to call my favorite window guy, Michael at Designs in blinds in Waltham.  He came to the house, measured the windows, brought samples and talked to me about options.  I had an idea in most of the rooms but needed some help on a large window in the front to the house. We decided on a white linen/cotton roman shade which will blend nicely in to the window when up and provide security and privacy when we pull it down.  I did shutters in all the bedrooms and wood blinds in one room where bunk beds will block the window.

shutter options
Roman shade fabric


So now for the huge elephant in the room, the three sliding glass doors along the back of the house.  For these I actually had a vision, I wanted to do a sailcloth look in white with large grommets.

This is one of my inspiration pictures.

My friend, Devon, gave me some help on bringing this to reality.  We saw the best curtain rods at the Design Show House back in June.  She tracked down the company for me and I was shocked at the low price!  They shipped  in a week and handed them off to Brian to hang.  I also found really cool tie backs to keep the panels out of the way during the day.  Brian and I hung everything one morning while the kids beat each other for sport.

West Elm
Restoration Hardware

The process of hanging ready made curtains involves measuring, re-measuring, and patience….

Happy team hanging curtains and rods.
I did help out with the measuring.
We had to put the rods and curtains together to be able to mark the spot to hang it. Just to complicate matters the ceilings or floors are uneven.
I bought two sets of rods to try out, the Urbanest fit best above the slider.
In the middle of the project.



I love the curve on these rods giving you more room to sweep the curtains back.
Hanging up
I found these tie backs at RestorationHardware. They work well because we needed something to keep the curtains out of the path of the slider entrance.

This is the only photo I have of the living room with the curtains in the background.  I will take a few more and post them next weekend.  I am still hanging wall art and decor which is taking a while.  We are eventually going to take out the sliders and put in french doors so until then this was a great inexpensive solution.  I like how they turned out so much I would probably try to keep them with the french doors too.