TomBoy Home Renovation – Demo Update

I had a chance to go down to the cape this weekend and check out the progress on the house.  My husband is down all the time but I don’t get to visit as often.  I loved all the changes I saw.  To me every little change is an improvement and a step forward to move in day!  I took a few pics show the progress.  We still have lots to do!

The main bathroom for the kids. We ripped it down to the studs but kept the tub (here covered).
Another photo of the main bathroom, floor, walls everything gone…
This is one of the kids’ rooms, it has been primed and ready for white paint. It already looks so much brighter. I love it.
The other kids’ room getting ready to be painted.
Some big changes in the kitchen. The tile backsplash is gone, linoleum floors out and moved the space for the stove over for better entry. Soon the cabinets will be primed and painted.
So this is the small master bathroom. In here the floor and walls are staying but we are renovating the shower with some white subway tile and new shower floor.
The previous owner graciously offered any furniture we wouldn’t to keep. I jumped on these two mid-century chairs. I love the laid back lines but I am planning on giving them a little update (can’t leave anything alone) with some new upholstery.
We went down to the beach after we checked on the house. It was a beautiful day. The water was turquoise and unbelievably cold.
I have a thing for old buoys.
Will you just look at that yellow and navy stripe….
My daughter took this photo on my iPhone. If you look closely you will see a little fox cub. She found a fox den on the beach. It was so amazing to sit on the beach and watch the four little fox pups play in the sand and sun.