TomBoy Home Renovation – Business in the Front…Party in the Back

For Memorial Day Weekend, we went down to the house for a look around and “job meeting” (this is where Brian and I talk about what needs to be done).  We met a few of the neighbors and talked about upcoming summer.  This little neighborhood has all these old traditions that remind me of that old school cape I knew as a kid.  Children running around free, a neighborhood 4th of July parade, parents getting over served at night…you know the usual stuff.

I wanted to see how the inside of the house looked and the painted chimney on the outside.  I am happy with both.  I was very nervous about the chimney getting a white-wash treatment (post about white-washing here).  My husband was completely unsure if he liked it from photos the project manager sent us.  I needed to see it in person.  He thought there would be more brick showing through.  I thought so too but I actually really like it.  It was such an improvement from the old chimney.


For the business in the front – I am picturing the front of the house with landscaping, like hydrangeas in front of the chimney to soften the edges.  When we were there yesterday, everyone was planting flowers and working on their yards, so I am going to have work on my gardening skills. We are adding cedar shingles and shutters soon.  The front door will painted navy with bold brass hardware from (here), which will patina from the coastal weather over time.

FullSizeRender 2

I am going to try to revive this anchor door knocker which was from the previous owner.  I love a good patina but this one just looks a little dirty rather than old and fun.


So on to the party in the back! This is where we are going prepping for the patio.  It was previously a long concrete patio but since there was some damage to the siding and foundation issues we had to dig it out.  You can see where it is going to be laid out by the  flatten ditch area.  I really let Mr.TomBoy Home (he will kill me for that) take the lead on this one.  His plan is to use Pavestone in Colony Cobble running almost the length of the house with a fire pit.  I am going to admit something awful right now – I don’t really like grass so I am happy with lots of pavestones and many hydrangeas bushes in the back.

DSC_1166 DSC_1168 DSC_1171

Below are a few inspiration photos that give an idea of what we are going for in the back.


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Across the back of the house in between the two sliders will be 3-4 light fixtures.  I needed to keep the cost down on these lights BUT I still wanted something I would like the look of…. Brian would put in 4 spotlights if I let him.  I love the look of the traditional cape onion lights.  These ones (two below) are from Lowe’s and were very reasonable.  I actually found 4 small lights on Amazon (here) that were a great price.

Inspiration light fixture
This onion light fixture is from Lowe’s and is a very reasonable price.


We ordered a sectional  and ottoman similar to the couch above from Ikea.0150065_PE308184_S3

Of course any seating situation will be attacked by pillows…here are some of great outdoor samples from here and here.

indoor-outdoor-sunbrella-brice-stripe-pillow-j sunbrella-saratoga-indoor-outdoor-pillow-j 0307908_PE427895_S3 0307910_PE427894_S3





Lastly, every patio needs some fun and festive serveware.  I saw these great Swirl Enamelware serving bowls from here.  The plates and drinkware below are from here. I love this drinkware for when I create the TomBoy cocktail.  Recipe coming soon!

cb03marbleized-dinner-plate-set-of-4-j enamel-indigo-2-piece-serving-set-j rope-outdoor-drinkware-set-of-4-j

As always thanks for reading.  We are really enjoying this renovation.  It has been fun to update the blog with photos and ideas.  It has actually kept me very organized.