Tomboy Home Renovation – Business in the Front…Party in the Back

IMG_2450The summer is winding down, the beaches are becoming quiet, the nights are getting chilly.  This all means Fall is coming and it is time for us to do the Fall planting around the house.  This is a project I begin with trepidation.  As I have mentioned before, I am a frustrated gardener.  My mother was a florist for many years and definitely has a green thumb.  I love looking at the landscaping of a home and the different styles.  When it is my turn to pick out plantings and plant them – they usually die.

My husband and I agreed we need some help with the landscaping down here on the cape.  I read once, consider landscaping on the cape like landscaping on another planet.  The conditions are completely different.  We asked a local landscape architect to consult and draw up plans for us.  After we get the plans, we will get going on planting.

I realized that I am taking the mullet approach to landscape design.  I want the front to be classic, neat and simple with dots of blue and white flowers.  The back with a hedge backdrop, could be a bohemian oasis.  I would love a lush look that feels cozy and private.  It is the true Tomboy home feel… a mix of masculine and feminine to create a simple yet cozy outdoor feel.

Below are two inspiration photos to guide me on this project.


I love the look of silvered teak with the greens from lush hedges and hydrangeas. For the cape I have really jumped on a navy and white stripe theme but in these photos below the owner used touches of gray as a back drop to her garden and it is beautiful.


We already have some pieces in place, a table, chairs, a small sectional, umbrellas for much needed shade, and of course outdoor pillows for some pattern and color.

We ordered this teak table from Amazon. It is one of my favorite things we bought fro the house. Great quality!
I bought these pillows from Pottery Barn. I love the white piping.
I went with a rectangular striped patio umbrella from Pottery Barn.
A few outdoor throw pillows for the IKEA sectional
Another texturey outdoor pillow from PB
I may be a little obsessed with directors chairs. This one from Serena and Lily comes in other colors and a striped option. The teak will fade to a silvery gray over time if you want.
Waiting for this Serena and Lily outdoor bar cart to go on sale.

We will be getting the landscaping plans any day now and start the project in the next couple of weeks (I hope).


Great tip – I mentioned to the landscaper that I wanted window boxes. She said to get a drip line installed into the boxes from the get-go otherwise I will be very frustrated with dying plants.  I plan to look into this and see what it entails but it sounds like a great idea.



One last thing….th

So I love decor, cooking, reading magazines, etc.  I feel like I am a pretty capable person (I could even garden if I really put some effort in) but when it comes to technology I am a cavewoman.  I literally think the cloud is magic.  I am actually spooked by some of the things computers can do.  It is shocking I have a blog and Instagram.  Cut to the problem, my husband and I both knew we wanted some type of music system in the cottage but it had to be more than an iPhone in a cup.  This is when we turned to our good friend, Matt who is a big league tech guy.  He told us about the Sonos Home Sound System, which plays music throughout the house.  We can play music from Spotify (not sure what that is yet) and can choose the room it plays in.  Honestly, I feel so cool it is crazy.  The small, sleek and un-intrusive speakers sit high on walls in the corners of the house and even outside on the patio.  My husband selected the white trim to blend in with the walls.  We picked out the system early in the project so the electrician could wire accordingly.  It is one of my favorite things we did in the house.