TomBoy Home Renovation – Boy/Guest Room Before and After

FullSizeRenderWe spent the rainy weekend at the quiet Cape.  The weather was iffy compared to last weekend but I didn’t mind it, the beach was empty and the traffic was light.  We also got a chance to test out our gas fire place which was so cozy.  We are still working hard on the house, so many things to do… hanging wall decor and organizing has been my main priority.  Brian has been busy measuring the windows for the shutters he is going to make and working on the exterior in general.  ALSO, we finally got to meet the previous owner, Bunny.  She was so wonderful and I loved meeting her.  Talk about a gracious and class act lady.  She gave me a hug and let me gush about how happy we are in the house.  I know it was not easy for her to let go of her house but she made our family so very happy.  Thanks Bunny!

Each room is slowly coming around with all the unpacking.  I have been busy making sure the kids like their rooms and feel some sort of input, although I really haven’t given them any.  (I won’t go into decorating with your kids and will save it for a future blog, just put it this way, it always ends in tears – yours not theirs.) and (If you disagree then your child must not like neon aqua and you are very lucky…)  I figured I would start posting what we did to the house with the boy/guest room.  It was easy because my son really didn’t care about the decor.  Also, he loves nature and outdoorsy stuff and that works so well in a cape house.


This is the before photo that I feel like it was taken years ago and not just in April.  We chose to paint the walls white because I am obsessed with white but let me just say the Knotty Pine look is coming back on the scene – done right it could be very cool and nautical.

L1080136After…the fishing and wildlife room meets really comfy little daybeds from IKEA.  Down the road I am going to have a carpenter make the beds look like built-ins by adding some shelves on the ends or middle.  Bonus – these beds pull out into fulls.


A little dresser I tucked inbetween the 2 beds for added storage.


Another shot of the bed.  Eventally these windows will have shutters on them.




I framed a vintage book cover of Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea.  Which is one of my favorite books…I was amazed at how long that guy held onto that fish I would have given up after 5 minutes. The little paintings are from Elizabeth’s Home Decor and Design in Newton, MA.  I have to find a little spot for them.


The Shopping List:

I did not spend a fortune furnishing this room.  Below are most of items I used in the room and the sources.

IKEA (see note below)
Etsy (I found my gingham pillows at Home Goods but these are very close)
School House Electric Qult – the softest summer quilt I have ever touched.
Target cotton blanket – I bought these in multiples in tan and navy. Target also has a gray color way. They wash nicely and pass the softness test.


The PB Kids lamp is similar to the one I used that is older.
This print is from One Kings Lane  – I found mine at a consignment store.
We hung an antique fishing rod above the window that I grabbed at an estate sale. This is from Ist Dibs.


School House Electric knobs

Design Mistakes…

  1. I waited way too long to order window treatments.  I wanted white shutters in all the bedrooms which works in this room but it takes about 5 weeks and I ordered in late June so….I messed up!  We put up paper ones for privacy until the others are installed.
  2. I was planning on bunk beds in this room so I bought a trunk to put at the bottom of the bunks for extra storage, when we had to change design plans the trunk no longer works.  Lesson learned, buy all the decor after the design is done.


Anyway, this ended up being a peaceful and yet somehow still very boysy room.  I kept it simple so everything has it’s place for quick pick-up and guests don’t feel like they are crashing.

Side note – The dresser from IKEA is wonderful and I would tell anyone to buy it.  I feel I should address that fact that many IKEA dressers have been recalled lately due to accidents which have caused deaths. If you buy an IKEA dresser I would definitely use the safety instructions and kit or have a handy man tie it into the wall. I would recommend that with any tall furniture where little ones could be wandering around.  In this case it is better to be safe than sorry.