The “New” Neoclassical Look…Let’s try it

img_2756Lately, I have noticed a trend in decor and design making a statement.  Neoclassical design, or what  I like to call ancient civ class chic, is popping up everywhere.  It is that well traveled look that used to be only for the homes of professors and anthropologists.  BUT now anyone can get this look by either hunting through your relatives attics (always my first choice), scouring antique shops, or shopping on-line!

This look could be real antiquey looking fast so watch out for using too much.  Also add in some modern pieces to break it up or a nice lacquered item with clean edges.

Simple pottery design with an ancient greek or roman look from One Kings Lane
A modern campaign side table in a lacquered aqua from All Modern
You can always find Jasperware at One Kings Lane if your mom isn’t hoarding half of it in her spare closet…
Place a small collection of Japserware on a tray for that collected look. A favorite of mine are these trays from West Elm.
I couldn’t do a piece on Neoclassical and not include Greek key… These glasses from One Kings Lane would even get Don Draper drunk. Place them on my all time favorite…a bar cabinet. I use to love bar carts until I realized how cluttery I make them look. I love to hide all my booze behind closed doors but display the beautiful glasses on top.
Console/bar cabinet from Wysteria
Bar cabinet from World Market

Does anyone do laid back Neoclassical better than Mark D. Sikes right now?  He is like having a cup of tea in a museum garden.  I am fascinated with him.  Here are a few photos from his book to copy, reinvent, make yours!

img_2754 img_2755 img_2758