The lie we all tell ourselves….The year I’m getting organized…


I am officially the parent all teachers hate.  I am so disorganized that I lose everything, I forget to answer emails or even read emails, I forget field trip days, pajama day, crazy hair day, backwards day, teacher appreciation day.  I forget that I volunteered for a craft, to bring in a cake, to fold origami, to make salsa, wear a full-on colonial garb, a kimono, a geisha girl outfit, a sombero, a farmer outfit.  I forget to drive on the left when picking up, move my car in time, clap-out, clap-in, sign-in, sign-out, watch my child read a poem in front of the whole school… the list goes on and on.  I am not busier than any other mom, nope, I am just really disorganized.  Having children fried my brain.  Here’s the best part – you know how I know I am a disappointment in the eyes of my children’s teachers? Because I was a teacher before I had the children of the corn.  So this year I getting organized.  And I have decided that the Raskog from IKEA is going to help me do it.


How cute and functional is this???  Now I normally hate any type of furnishing or decor that suggests that I parent but I actually can live with this one.  The part that sold me is the wheels.  If at any point I need to hide it I can just wheel it in the other room.  It has three baskets, one for each kid, so when they hand me all those papers with deadlines and red marks all over them I can put them in the basket rather than the recyle bin.  I am not going to get all cutesy with it and put their names on the side – they know which basket is theirs.  Now the librarian can rest at night knowing the Kennedys have finally found a place to put the library book and I can stop writing checks at the end of the year for all the books we lose (I am already on a payment plan for the public library).  This little cart is going to solve all my problems and can be used as a bar cart during school vacation week.raskog-utility-cart-turquoise__0451634_PE600618_S4 raskog-utility-cart-beige__0497006_PH130439_S4

Good luck with your own Fall organization projects…hope your system of choice works past Halloween.