Renovation Project – Whitewashing the Chimney

In my last post (below) I wrote briefly about the plans to whitewash the chimney after we do the repairs.  Last night the project manager on the job dropped off three test bricks for the chimney. Here are the three test samples, we are going with the second or third one.

IMG_9160The project manager was explaining the process with me. To make the mixture is just a combination of water to paint. They might add some sealant to the mix for the exterior work. After the mixture is made it is a process of dabbing or wiping it on. I can’t wait to see the finished product which I will share immediately.

The chimney is such a focal point of the Cape house and I feel like this whitewash treatment will help it to blend into the house.


This is a house from the Mark D. Sikes website (here), which is an amazing website if you have chance to look it over.  He is obviously a huge fan of whitewashing or limewashes on brick.  Every house he designs pretty much blows my mind.  We also might be “lovers of blue and green” soul mates…

Photo by Darren Ankenman
Photo by Darren Ankenman
A whitewashed chimney on a house in New Jersey


There are many tutorials and websites that explain how to accomplish this look on the exterior and interior. We are also whitewashing the fireplace inside the cottage.

The fireplace in the cottage.


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When we do projects like this on the house which are major cosmetic changes, I tend to get nervous.  This could look great or it could look really bad and I am stuck with the result.  What I always worry about is that it will look worse than the before or it will look unprofessional.  This whitewash could go either way, but I am rolling the dice and going ahead with the plan.  It should happen this week, which me luck…

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