Renovating and making memories…

Ok, first off I am not complaining about renovating.  I am actually quite happy to be renovating.  Yes, there is always some things that annoy me but overall I am always a little sad when the ride is over….

Nope, I am complaining about this time of the year.  Here’s an example…while picking out a tree at Russell’s in Wayland, my children were acting so crazy and taking off like feral cats that I wanted to ask them if they were drunk.  My husband and I got the tree by ourselves – it was a romantic 5 minutes of bonding about how much of assholes our kids are…

Instead, I am fully embracing this small renovation project with all the joy of the season.  (Even Jesus would prefer this renovation racket over all the making memories stuff.  He would maybe even tell the elf where to shove it.)  The crew comes early in the morning, we have quick meeting and then I usually hustle around trying hide underwear and candy wrappers.  The poor paint guy showed up (separate project) and I literally showed him a room to paint that was so cluttered with junk he looked like he was going to try to make a break for it. But the crew can’t run, I got them locked it tight to my madness of indecision, asking opinions then doing the opposite and showing them consignment finds…  Sometimes I cry, ask for a hug then scream at them – oh sorry that’s just my husband.

As far as the actual renovation without any emotional dialogue, they have gutted the bathroom and we are ready to start framing and laying out tile and woodwork.  I have been ordering most of the fixtures and lights online.  I visited two tile stores (more on that later) and generally try to look extremely important and busy.  There has been some frustration, especially with the sink and lighting surrounding the sink.  The space is tight and I really had to use my brain, which doesn’t love to be bothered with math and measurements, etc.  Here is some of the progress so far…


After (week one)

I visited one of my favorite tile stores, Forever Tile in West Concord.  Colleen, the owner, knows exactly what I like and starts pulling out sample boards the within minutes.  She is great to work with if you have a project, budget or not she will guide you through the process.

This basketweave below is made from dolomite and has a soft white feel especially with this matte finish.

This 3×6 white ceramic tile is at a great price point and is meant to look handmade but not at the cost.  It is a great option for the shower walls.


More on what I have ordered for the bathroom next week.  But this renovation has leaked into other parts of the house.  The painter came to do two bedrooms which were overdue for an update. Farrow and Ball Blackened for my daughter’s room.

For my son’s room I chose Ben Moore Coventry Gray for that medium blue/gray that I love.

We are also patching some spots in the dining room.

This somehow led to updating the mud room.  I decided to wallpaper (details coming soon) and that led to repainting the wainscoting.  I love the color in here (C2 Glacial Stream) but just looking for a change.

My house looks turned upside down and I just tell the kids to live around the mess – they are very used to this since they really know no different growing up with renovations.

Hopefully I will have some more progress shots for next Tuesday.  Things will start to slow down soon while waiting on the framing and plumbing but maybe I can find some more projects to do while waiting…