Beauty High/Low


My  beauty high/low of the week are two of my favorites.  My new and one old!

Korean Exfoliating Cloths
Lancer Skin Care









An old favorite of mine is the Korean Exfoliating cloths that are dirt cheap, few bucks for a set of 6.  I get them on Amazon (with Prime of course).  You jump in the bath for about 15 minutes, then use the cloth and your dead skin just peels right off.  Gross and amazing at the same time.  Bath time over – your skin is so soft.

Next, a new one I just tried in the Lancer Skin Care line.  I got a sample from Nordstrom from one of the counters.  The exfoliating cream/wash actually warms up in your hands before you put it on.  It is like a little hot spa treatment at home.  My skin felt clean but not tight.

Grandfather in the house


When a was younger, I used to go to sleepovers at a friend’s house.  She had a huge grandfather clock in her foyer.  The stairs curved up around it.  Every quarter hour it would fill the house with beautiful chimes.  At first, I found the chimes annoying, but after a while I found them comforting.

I would love to get a grandfather clock or Tall Case clock.  I think they are beautiful and fill a house with sound and comfort.  Tall Cases have been around since the late 1600s.  They were known for their superior accuracy and chime sequences.  There are many types and designs.  I like the classic ones and the Mora clocks, an elegant swedish version.  Below are some photos I found that show how these clocks can be integrated into a home.  I am in LOVE with the black one with the wallpaper behind it.


9 101635855_p_0 dam-images-decor-2015-04-barbara-westbrook-gracious-rooms-barbara-westbrook-gracious-rooms-05 hollymathisinteriorsstinsonentry 103

Believe or not there is a beautiful clock in this pool hose pictured above but you can’t see it.  I just love this photo and thought how great it would be to hear chimes while lounging with a cocktail….

swedish grandfather clock

These Swedish Mora Clocks above are from


The two tall cases below are from 1st Dibs.   These are not quite in the budget for me but they are beautiful to look at.





This one is from



Now after researching these I really want to invest in one – better start saving now!

Styling Bookcases

I recently had bookcases installed in our house.  I am so happy and couldn’t wait to decorate the shelves.  NOW I just have to come up with ideas to style the bookcases.  Easier said then done.

Here are a few inspiration pictures to get me going.

rounded+530-724092 ap402owea2lme70tt27951c8f6f3cd373 567ou3vm9mrp7k9upkxt51c8f6e038d74 V_BW_FL_ST_02_54325 16f41fe81637ff3bb5e5da3f23ad1e91 csm_Friday_tabe_2_86a005bacf nkuzft4rls0q403tsbc351c8f6e19cc4c 7ue7967jgt85hwnrgr6b51c8f6e263a82 diana p-11 bookshelf-styling-ideas-and-tips1 bookshelf-styling-ideas-and-tips 66mx0op52oaapkn60skz51c8f6e36cf8dwnnzdfznwnuogt31h9vu51c8f6f282d17

I got all these photos from Pinterest.  I am still learning how to add sources so I can give credit and link the photos.  I think there are four main things to remember when styling a bookcase.

First, work from back to front and down to up.  This way your bookcase will never look lopsided or top-heavy.

Second, try to repeat items for a little symmetry.  You can group like items or if a pair break them up and on different shelves.

Third, watch the color choice.  If you are going for busy and happy, go for it, but try to have one color threaded throughout.  If you are going for a more simple palette, make sure you have some texture, like wood or metal, and shades of that color.

Last, personal items are the best.  For example, a small framed piece of artwork or a photo that has meaning to you.  Maybe a vase or sculpture given to you by a friend or family member.  An item you picked up on vacation.  Any of these would work.

I will post some photos as I add some more items on the shelves.

A Cozy FOX

ZAK-FOX_VTG-RUG_X_37x63_TULU2 khotan-in-situ1

I saw this really cool chair and rug by ZAK+FOX, which you can see  here

khotan_cobalt_blank_ds khaden_himalaya_blank_ds

These pieces would great for a cozy study or a living room corner.  I think a deep charcoal paint, like Ben Moore Gravel Gray would add to the atmosphere.  Grab a cup of coffee and curl up in that chair.

Chair pairs

I am obsessed with the dining room of designer, Michelle Adams, along with everyone else and their mother including House Beauitful.


I already have a farm style table that I love but could use some new chairs to update it.  I just painted this room in Coventry Gray by Ben Moore.


Here are few chairs that I found that could work in any dining room needed an update.

117676636 154457808




prod7440104_E16573454_TQ_XBC_CC phoenix-carbon-chair


Furn_ArmChr_Carson_White_v1_CH69-03_0584_sh hemstad-white-chair



For more of a costal/island look.

1260187_fpx.tif w215_h215

For my friends who love color!

Product_SFM21952_Image_1 BRZGHMAeGe_Woven_Shaker_Chair

Product_DAV10915_Image_1 Product_SVF17555_Image_1Product_MFM10400_Image_1 Product_SVF82087_Image_1


I found all of these at the following websites:

One Kings Lane, CB2, RH Home, West Elm, Wysteria, Dot and Bo, Pottery Barn and Serena and Lily.

Beauty High/Low

I like to do Beauty product high/low posts on Instagram.  I thought I could continue it here on tom boy home.  Usually I just pick two products I really like to use, one being amazingly inexpensive and the other being more higher end.  Both products are something I use myself and swear by.  They do not need to have anything in common.

The photos below were all posted on the @tomboy home instagram in 2015.


I use Lash Blast for every day and the Definicils for going out.  They are very different but neither leave raccoon eyes on me by the end of the day/night.  I use to use Shu uemura mascara for like decades but they don’t sell in the US anymore…next time I am in Europe.  The Lash Blast is the closest I can get the feel of Shu uemura.


I can’t say enough good things about Lucas’ Papaw ointment from Australia.  I think it cures everything.   I picked it up at Amazon.  The Royal Fern was a splurge but it is a natural SPF and I am obsessed with it on every level.



Since I posted this one on IG someone told me about a couple of better congealers/highlighters than YSL so I may have to try them and get back.  I love Waxlene, It is so cheap and makes my hands so soft.  I got it at Target.


I needed a really good eyebrow pencil and my eye brow lady actually gave me this one.  I absolutely love it and she showed me how to use it.  I saw the pink clay mask at Urban Outfitters and keep hearing about Herbivore and how great this company is.  I gave it a try and I am hooked!


The Pink Bathroom Renovation Part ????

L1060962 L1060963

L1060958 L1060959

When we moved into to our house in 2006 this was the family bath in pink and gray with wallpaper.  I am not putting down this choice, in fact I think pink tile bathrooms are currently in vogue.


images-1 Ferney-Bathroom1

We considered spraying the tiles white because the tile work was excellent, although pink.  In the end, we gutted the bathroom because the bath tub was sinking through the first floor ceiling and the floor tile was pretty awful.

Here is quick look at some of the progress and renovation pictures.


I went really basic with a subway tile, there is also an eyeline piece to break up the tile a bit.  It is a raised dot pencil tile.  I love it!


The tiler suggested doing a diamond pattern rather than straight squares.  I am happy with the look.  I order all my tile from Forever Tile in West Concord, MA.  The owner, Colleen, is so easy and great to work with.


One of my favorite guys on the job, Hugh.  He and his son worked on the sheetrock.  So fast and detailed.  Great guys!

DSC_0803 DSC_0802 DSC_0688


The tilers  – one guy was a little camera shy.  They are quick and also very detailed.


This is kind of the look I am going for.  It is hard because this bathroom is for both boys and girls of varying ages.  Not an easy compromise.  I also wanted a bathroom I could change as needed.

102034234.jpg.rendition.largest bath-hc2-architectureartdesigns



Below are a few finishes I choose.

Gobi_Towels_Grass_1 chevron_towel_stack Fouta_Bath_Set_Lime DSC_0785

Most of the products above are from Serena and Lily

prod2460580 prod2400063_av1

I got these from here

The Winter Front Door


Its that time of the year of naked front doors or months old dead wreaths.  I am taking down my wreaths today and my door needs a little sprucing up.  I might repaint it or hang up a great lion head door knocker I got at Brimfield.  The other thing that helps is clean out the planters for the winter and store them or put something easy in to make it through the winter.

Here are a few photos of great doors for inspiration.

Screen-shot-2012-04-01-at-11.02.17-AM 54ff0a3053407-ghk-apurple-door-de front-door-add-symmetry 54eb9965ecddb_-_01-living-with-color-door-0914-xln Unknown-2 Unknown-4 images-3 54ff0a30b4f9f-ghk-light-red-door-de 54ff0a3205ebc-ghk-darkblue-door-de Screen-shot-2012-04-01-at-11.13.28-AM Screen-shot-2012-04-01-at-11.09.04-AM

I think the key to a great looking front door is first keep it symmetrical and second don’t let it get too busy.  Keep that area free of clutter or dying plants.



Ski Condo



I mentioned a few posts back about a ski condo we go to in New Hampshire.  It is such a great condo which my husband’s whole family loves to spend time at skiing and hiking.  Eventually we are going to have to update the bathrooms and kitchen.  The rest of the home is in great shape and has held up well over the years.  The condo is 35+ years old and the oven is original to the house, so maybe it is getting close to that time…

This is what the kitchen looks like now.


Here are a few inspiration pictures I found on-line.

classic-ski-cabin-design-meets-contemporary-luxury-at-the-crows-nest-5            Standard-Antique-Mountain-House-And-large-and-airy-Decoration-Kitchen


Here are the bathrooms in their current state.

DSC_0754     DSC_0735


Some inspiration photos,

luxury_chalet_for_rent_dolomites_tures_bathroom-942 luxury_catered_chalet_chamonix-chalet_tissieres-bathroom-cts

Unknown-1 cole__son_contemporary_ii_woods_cropped-1

Cozy Small Bathroom with Small Window Chalet Gstaad in the Swiss Alps


I would love to use this wallpaper in the small bathroom.  I love the cozy feel it would give to the condo.  The house is not really that rustic.  It is more contemporary with lots of honey colored wood.  I feel like we need to embrace that with a contemporary/modern feel.   Here are a few of the door details to help with that.

lisa-jarvis-jewelry-for-furniture-honeycomb-pull-hardware-pulls-2-metal Product_FLX11720_Image_1 vmf_vendor_RTT_4345933_1447341008476_911886 steven-alan-arrow-border-cotton-kilim-rug-feather-gray-j roar-rabbit-layered-rectangle-drum-2-j         atlas-wool-rug-slate-j

junction-26.25x48-mirror tecca-18-pillow faribaultorangestripewoolACHG15.jpg faribault-plus-blanket.jpg






Baby Boy Shower




I skipped the friday field trip today because Tomboy Home had a last minute baby shower brunch for a friend who is delivering is less than 2 weeks!  We quickly threw together some food, coffee and gifts to “shower” her with!  Here are a couple photos that I took.


DSC_0776                        DSC_0783



Her husband and kids are into Star Wars right now, hence the framed quote for fun!

Geeking over Greek

23-p161top-medium h2_24.97.30


I am convinced that Greek vases will be the big hit in decor rather soon.  The style is very classic, the colors are bold and traditional at the same and would look good with your Hermes box collection…..


I just picked up this framed urn print  below to hang in my hallway.  I am already getting on board with this future trend!



Found on One Kings Lane!

Granny Chic

Is the trend in tabletop going towards Granny Chic? Are we moving away from the all white table settings?  Remember the table settings of your grandmother or great aunt?  Lots of flowers and patterns….I am not sure if I am loving this trend or not.  Maybe just incorporating a piece or two.

TB_11147326_403_A         0825_INGRIDS_LETTUCEWARE_01

These two above both from Tory Burch’s home line.


img90j img99j

These two serving platters are from William-Sonoma.


Bunny Williams really knows how to put together a table setting.  If this is the direction we are heading – she is the one to copy!  (Photo from the blog of Eddie Ross, of course)


What do you think?

Ski Trip

We decided to take a couple days off and go skiing in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire.  My husband has been skiing there for years.  I like to watch people ski and take part in other winter activities.  When we go, we stay in a condo that was built at 35+ years ago.  It has held up well.  We talked about doing some renovations since it is due for an update.  The oven is original.  I will add some photos tomorrow of the condo as it looks right now.  I love this little condo so it will be fun to give it some TLC.

I have my basics that I always pack when I go to NH.  The weather can be brutal on all of our faces, especially when they ski.  I always use Decleor Baume Excellence.  It is a great balm that someone once told me about.  This time I tried something new (to me) that I came across, Egyptian Magic.  AND I LOVE it!!!  My skin did not feel tight or dry the whole weekend.  Give it a try!

_6351053 egyptianmagic_cream_4oz_900x900

Here are a few other things I thought would be great for a ski trip.54fe4f71692c1-hot-chocolate-guittard-s2 Chocolate-Delivery-New-York_Hot-Chocolate-Collection_MarieBelle-NY6



These two hats from Nordstrom.


The first blanket is from One Kings Lane and the other is a Barefoot Dreams blanket that can be found at Nordstrom.  BFD is my favorite blanket.

clq_ZH1X03_402x464 51rDSIOKF2L._SL246_SX190_CR0,0,190,246_

The first fun lipgloss is from Clinque and Carmex will never stop be the best for chapped lips.


Shoes and wallpaper

I love both shoes and wallpaper so why not think of what shoes to wear in what room.



Jimmy Choo shoes and Farrow and Ball wallpaper


Chloe flats and Mally Skok wallpaper


638235_fr_sl                        main-1.original.640x0c

Christian Louboutin and a green room with leopard stools.  Not wallpapered but still great!