TomBoy Home Renovation – Business in the Front…Party in the Back

For Memorial Day Weekend, we went down to the house for a look around and “job meeting” (this is where Brian and I talk about what needs to be done).  We met a few of the neighbors and talked about upcoming summer.  This little neighborhood has all these old traditions that remind me of that old school cape I knew as a kid.  Children running around free, a neighborhood 4th of July parade, parents getting over served at night…you know the usual stuff.

I wanted to see how the inside of the house looked and the painted chimney on the outside.  I am happy with both.  I was very nervous about the chimney getting a white-wash treatment (post about white-washing here).  My husband was completely unsure if he liked it from photos the project manager sent us.  I needed to see it in person.  He thought there would be more brick showing through.  I thought so too but I actually really like it.  It was such an improvement from the old chimney.


For the business in the front – I am picturing the front of the house with landscaping, like hydrangeas in front of the chimney to soften the edges.  When we were there yesterday, everyone was planting flowers and working on their yards, so I am going to have work on my gardening skills. We are adding cedar shingles and shutters soon.  The front door will painted navy with bold brass hardware from (here), which will patina from the coastal weather over time.

FullSizeRender 2

I am going to try to revive this anchor door knocker which was from the previous owner.  I love a good patina but this one just looks a little dirty rather than old and fun.


So on to the party in the back! This is where we are going prepping for the patio.  It was previously a long concrete patio but since there was some damage to the siding and foundation issues we had to dig it out.  You can see where it is going to be laid out by the  flatten ditch area.  I really let Mr.TomBoy Home (he will kill me for that) take the lead on this one.  His plan is to use Pavestone in Colony Cobble running almost the length of the house with a fire pit.  I am going to admit something awful right now – I don’t really like grass so I am happy with lots of pavestones and many hydrangeas bushes in the back.

DSC_1166 DSC_1168 DSC_1171

Below are a few inspiration photos that give an idea of what we are going for in the back.


c3c428d26870eec2cb2f0e48bd700428 45ac0852fb8ca428da4aa5c536abbc03 2b397f21aa4ccfa67bcc3ba55f53ed44

Across the back of the house in between the two sliders will be 3-4 light fixtures.  I needed to keep the cost down on these lights BUT I still wanted something I would like the look of…. Brian would put in 4 spotlights if I let him.  I love the look of the traditional cape onion lights.  These ones (two below) are from Lowe’s and were very reasonable.  I actually found 4 small lights on Amazon (here) that were a great price.

Inspiration light fixture
This onion light fixture is from Lowe’s and is a very reasonable price.


We ordered a sectional  and ottoman similar to the couch above from Ikea.0150065_PE308184_S3

Of course any seating situation will be attacked by pillows…here are some of great outdoor samples from here and here.

indoor-outdoor-sunbrella-brice-stripe-pillow-j sunbrella-saratoga-indoor-outdoor-pillow-j 0307908_PE427895_S3 0307910_PE427894_S3





Lastly, every patio needs some fun and festive serveware.  I saw these great Swirl Enamelware serving bowls from here.  The plates and drinkware below are from here. I love this drinkware for when I create the TomBoy cocktail.  Recipe coming soon!

cb03marbleized-dinner-plate-set-of-4-j enamel-indigo-2-piece-serving-set-j rope-outdoor-drinkware-set-of-4-j

As always thanks for reading.  We are really enjoying this renovation.  It has been fun to update the blog with photos and ideas.  It has actually kept me very organized.

Field Trip Friday – The Junior League Show House 2016 and a Gorgeous Store Front Visit

This week I had an opportunity to go to the 2016 Junior League of Boston Show House in Newton with a couple friends.  This year the  show house the JL chose is a beautiful Greek Revival home historically registered as the Nathaniel Allen House.  This house was a stop on the Underground Railroad and later served as a school house.  The owner, Nathaniel Allen was an abolitionist, educator and philanthropist. You can read more about the house on the JL website here or visit the show house which runs until June 5, 2016.


Many designers came together to finish the inside of this house, each taking on a room or two.  My friends and I were particularly enamored with the butlers bar.  First of all getting the butlers bar in my opinion is a major coupe!  Who doesn’t love to hang out in the bar area, especially this one.   It was designed and curated by Cecilia Walker of Cecelia Walker Design and Tracy Foley of Water and Main and it was fabulous.  A great mix of old and new with the the painted cabinets and AMAZING wallcovering.  I almost fainted over a loveseat with a zipper detail.  If you have not a had a chance to look over Celeclia Walker’s line of fabric (here) do so immediately.  I can show you a few samples.

CalisoleCobalt_454d02eb-36eb-4868-b750-78052ea94d7e_large RoyalBlvdPalm_large cwdhalfpipegreen_large BradleyRoadChart2_large

Also, check out Water and Main a great resource for home furnishings – vintage and antique.  Created by Tracy Foley, you can find her here or at the Boston Design Center.

Via Water and Main
Via Water and Main

Another great room was the a bedroom by designer Elizabeth Benedict.  This room “Chinoiserie Chic” was bursting with beautiful patterns and colors.  One of the highlights was all the accessories and details in this room fit for a tween.  If you have a chance, stop by her new store Elizabeth Home Decor and Design located in Newton.  We popped in after the our show house tour.  The store is filled with amazing decor items for sale and all the interior design services you would need.  Here are a few photos from her beautiful store…

Lots of great pillow pairs
beautiful original artwork
Loved these chairs
Fabrics everywhere
no shame in her bar cart game
These little paintings were too cute to pass up

Mally Skok the winner of the Boston Designers’ Pineapple Award  also has a gorgeous room in the show house.  The nursery was decorated to perfection with many of her fabulous fabrics and wall coverings.  Each pattern has a tale of adventure from Mally’s own life and travels.  Some of the patterns included:

WSL-02-247x247 zigzag-taupe-violet-247x247 flora-too-orchid-247x247 rohetpinktexturedonheavylinen-247x247










The last room I fall in love with was “The Little Kitchen That Could” by Mimi Walsh, located upstairs.  It felt like a little upstairs sun room.  The designer, did such a great job with textures and interesting details like ceramic tiles on the floor, unusual wall coverings and a wonderful little bench seat area.


This was a great day spent with fun friends who also love all things design and decor. I did end up buying a few things (below) for the cape house.

A shell mirror from the Show House Boutique and two little paintings from Elizabeth Home Decor and Design

Like I recommend with all my field trips, if you get a chance, visit the Show House and definitely make a stop at Elizabeth Home Decor and Design.  Both were so worth the time.  Good Luck!

Father’s Day – His and Her versions

f0ccebb869de84e3217853686cdb9819 bd1de36c80163fbdad9bf8dc098e94e9 images-3 e10ad2b74821f8a7eadb7af102d717b1 images-4 images-5










I was thinking what do you get for the my husband from the family for Father’s day that he would really enjoy.  So, I asked Brian what he would want for Father’s Day and his upcoming birthday in June.  We do this dance every June.  I try to think of something really great and he just wants something really functional.  So I sat him down (or cornered) for a little chat.  As thrilled as he was to have to this conversation he gave me a few suggestions of what he would would like to get and what he definitely would not like to get – this is where my list comes in.  Before I asked him I had already written a post of suggestions for the Fathers in your life – the difference between the two lists is light years apart.  Hopefully between these two lists you will find something for the Dad in your life.

The HERS gift ideas for the Dad in your life, I went with a blueberry theme.  I love chocolate covered blueberries, which I get from a local store in Sudbury, Duck Soup.  Since we are planning on going to watch the America’s Cup in Bermuda I thought I light blue t-shirt from Vineyard Vines would be great.  I saw these flip-flops recently and they looked comfy and they fit the theme!  Lastly, a great bootle of locally made vodka by Triple Eight Vodka.  I was going to throw it all in a navy blue canvas duffle bag seen below.


Lo and Sons Weekender

Then I talked to my husband.  After a seemingly long torture session of getting past the “I don’t need anything”, he finally confessed that guys like to get things they wouldn’t buy for themselves.  Like a Yeti cooler which really does keep drinks amazingly cold.  He wouldn’t mind some new t-shirts (here) to going running in.  When I really put the screws to him he said new cards and a box poker chips is always a good gift (here).  The last one was easy, I said tell me an alcohol you like he said Hendrick’s Gin.  I can throw all this in a brown grocery bag, hand it to him with a plate of chicken wings and an Miller Lite and I will be his Khaleesi.

Image-1 6



He didn’t ask for this Garmin Forerunner 230 watch (here) but his friend he runs with got it and I know he would like this watch.  We are not very tech savvy in this house but his friend is and if he says it’s a good watch than believe me it is a good watch.

Wishing all the Dad’s out there a peaceful day filled with bbqs, chocolate covered blueberries, heavy binge drinking and whining children….enjoy!


TomBoy Home Renovation – A Master Bedroom fit for a Sea Captain


Renovation update! I started ordering furniture and larger items last week.  The delivery dates are all over the place but things go on back order so fast and we are trying to move in mid-June.  I put together some of the furniture I was inspired by and some I actually purchased.  The before photo of the bedroom is at the bottom of the post because I found the unpainted knotty pine very distracting.


I have slight obsession going on with caning right now.  So naturally when I saw this bed from Serena and Lily (here) I felt faint.  It has that old school nautical look that I am going for.  Any of these nightstands would be a great choice but I have not landed on one yet. (the first one from here, the next three from here.)

0236292_PE376031_S3 0285540_PE422517_S3






The furnishings above are both from Ikea, we ordered 3 of the white dressers and 2 of the nightstands.  Ikea has been a great source for us for this home.  I will let you know how they hold up.


Image-1 2

How do you like your sheets? I could do a whole post on this alone.  I like basic white sheets with a little hemstitch.  Two brands have never let me down, Bloomingdale’s Hudson Park and Target’s Fieldcrest sheet sets. For the beach house I am going with white sheet sets (for all the beds) and a duvet with a double stripe.  The top two are from here and the bottom one is from here.

Image-1 3 I can definitely go a little over board with bedding accessories.  It is an annoyance to my husband so I am going real simple at the Cape.  Two sleeping pillows, one decorative pillow (here or here) and a blanket for chilly nights, all three from here. (Just a side note, that cable knit pillow at the top is $$$$ but I absolutely love it – it makes me feel like a jealous lover every time I look at it.  Alas, it will never make it to my house unless OKL sends it to me by accident.)

Image-1 4

One of my favorite things to do is buy the fun little decor items for the cape house.  Althought his time around I am really trying to keep it as uncluttered as possible, easier for cleaning.  Thus I will have to buy things that work double duty.  The mirror is from here.  The chair, tray, beads and lamp are from here.

Things I am still on the hunt for, a bright coral mirror for over the dresser, a rug for under the bed and a dresser for my husband, possibly in a gray tone.  I might buy one from IKEA and DIY hack it.

Master Bedroom before paint and sanding.


I am going to do a post on artwork that I have found for the Cape house.  It is a mix of many pieces, classic and abstract. I just need more collecting time! But I will tell you this much, it involves a ship oil painting from a consignment shop that is amazeballs.  Thanks Classic Consignment in Sudbury, MA!

Lampshades and a Field Trip Friday

One great way to spice up your bedroom or any room is to add some colors and patterns.  I was browsing through Minted (here) the other day and came across these great lampshades for a cute little lamp I bought at the Brimfield Antique Show.


These lampshades are at a fantastic price point compared to having an upholsterer do it for you.  They come in three sizes and two fittings for your lamp.

Another thing you could do is DIY your own lampshade cover.  There are so many tutorials on-line.  The other day I took a field trip to a fabric store, Artee in Hudson, MA (here).  It was filled aisle after aisle of colorful fabrics in many patterns.

IMG_9194 IMG_9170 IMG_9179

It was worth the trip because the fabric store was on the top floor and on the first floor is Still Life consignment Store (here) filled with areas to browse and items to hunt through.  I found a few more silhouettes to add to my collection.




These lockers would make an interesting liquor cabinet.  I wanted to buy this for my garage, spray paint it sunny yellow and assign a locker to each kid.

Trend Alert – Cherry Blossom

I am volunteering this morning at my son’s 1st grade Japan Festival.  The children spend a few weeks learning about the present day culture of Japan, specially children their age.  This is the most adorable festival.  I will be working the craft station (because I am an amazing mom….), where among other things they will be making cherry blossom art.  MV5BMjEzNDIyNjcxNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTY3NDA4ODE@._V1__SX1096_SY732_ images-2

So I thought I would look up the significance of the cherry blossom tree in Japanese culture.  The Japanese have it going on in the spring.  Once the cherry blossoms bloom they gather at parks and public places for “Hamani” (cherry blossom viewing) to honor the blossoms and the representation of the beauty of life, however fleeting.  Some have pinics and others go into full-on party mode, honoring the blossoms through consuming lots of rice wine.  I am generalizing here but it looks like a great time!  So as I “researching” while drinking sake bombs, I came across some beautiful wall coverings from Gracie and DeGuynee.  This trend can be interpreted in many ways, wallpapers, murals, paintings, floral arrangements.  The cherry blossom tree is so beautiful especially when it blooms, I may even plant a tree in my yard.  Watch for me “pinic-ing” under it next spring.

hanami-night images-1 449293288_fa3e0764c6

Beautiful examples of cherry blossom wall coverings, some hand painted from Gracie (here) and de Gournay (here).


201407_02_large 201407_12_large 201407_04_large 0513_17 a4d8dedb2b431a0888b3682941faff63 8d585b7bd576073cefaafca95fc0dc76 97c26d28221c9897c76c0952629f5972


How to bring this trend into your home:


A rug from One Kings Lane
A framed print from OKL
Mix up a Cherry Blossom Bomb – Mix vodka, cherry juice (Trader Joe’s has a great one), fresh lime juice, simple syrup, and one Maraschino cherry with a little juice from the jar.

Add cherry blossom floral arrangements around your home.  The flowers are so simple and beautiful enhancing almost any room.

Product_WPF12495_Image_1 15272bcc8c27b3179296315d6e158f45 BringingNatureHome_p016 Product_WPF11184_Image_1

Renovation Project – Whitewashing the Chimney

In my last post (below) I wrote briefly about the plans to whitewash the chimney after we do the repairs.  Last night the project manager on the job dropped off three test bricks for the chimney. Here are the three test samples, we are going with the second or third one.

IMG_9160The project manager was explaining the process with me. To make the mixture is just a combination of water to paint. They might add some sealant to the mix for the exterior work. After the mixture is made it is a process of dabbing or wiping it on. I can’t wait to see the finished product which I will share immediately.

The chimney is such a focal point of the Cape house and I feel like this whitewash treatment will help it to blend into the house.


This is a house from the Mark D. Sikes website (here), which is an amazing website if you have chance to look it over.  He is obviously a huge fan of whitewashing or limewashes on brick.  Every house he designs pretty much blows my mind.  We also might be “lovers of blue and green” soul mates…

Photo by Darren Ankenman
Photo by Darren Ankenman
A whitewashed chimney on a house in New Jersey


There are many tutorials and websites that explain how to accomplish this look on the exterior and interior. We are also whitewashing the fireplace inside the cottage.

The fireplace in the cottage.


awesome-whitewashed-fireplace-designs-8 awesome-whitewashed-fireplace-designs-22 awesome-whitewashed-fireplace-designs-42 awesome-whitewashed-fireplace-designs-1 8a0414113d276acc78a49116a3cbacda

When we do projects like this on the house which are major cosmetic changes, I tend to get nervous.  This could look great or it could look really bad and I am stuck with the result.  What I always worry about is that it will look worse than the before or it will look unprofessional.  This whitewash could go either way, but I am rolling the dice and going ahead with the plan.  It should happen this week, which me luck…

TomBoy Home Renovation Update

We are getting closer!  The renovation on the cape house is on full swing. The patio was dug up, walls and cabinets have been painted, windows replaced (not all), and the one of my favorite things that happened last week – the kitchen counter top was installed!!  It is amazing how happy a counter top can make one person.L1080032

L1080068 20160511_113622 2

Here is the break down of the kitchen…

I wanted to paint the cabinets a light gray.  I chose Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray.  My husband suggested we keep the cabinets because they were in good shape and the door fronts were shiplap.  I thought it was a great idea and it saved money and time.  I picked up cabinet pulls from RH in polished chrome.  The counter top is Ceasarstone Organic White.


We still have a lot of work to go on this area but I am so happy with the changes so far.

Next update is the living room which is the main part of the house.  The knotty pine walls have been primed. We put in a new window. The fireplace will get a white wash treatment but keeping the wood mantel. On the end is a bookcase/media center which I can’t wait to decorate with books that no one will read or allowed to touch.

living room before
Living room update
Living room shelving before (previous owner’s property)

Inspiration photos for the bookcase but on a much smaller scale:
Gorgeous-beach-style-home-office-and-study 57668ab395551a62658d45babcf954f0

For the shelves I found some books at the booksale at the library and some books at Brimfield. I am trying to stick to navy, white and some turquoise. Although I saw a yellow set at OKL that would be so fun.


Exterior Update:

The exterior of the house is really coming along.  This is where the bulk of the work is happening at this point. We had to strip the siding due to rot and put in a new window due to my needing a new one…

Front 05-05 1 Front 05-05 Front 05-05 3 Untitled copy 5

One of my favorite inspiration photos for the front of the house:garden


We also dug up the concrete patio in the backyard for construction reasons Brian would have to explain (Brian needs his own blog – things I explain to my wife over and over but she never listens…)

05-12 Progress Photos - Patio Demo 1
05-12 Progress Photos - Patio Demo
I bet our new neighbors love us right now…

05-12 Progress Photos - Patio Demo 3 05-12 Progress Photos - Patio Demo 4

We are replacing the patio with pavers and a fire pit.  I am leaving most of this design to Brian.  But if you see him mention how good french sliders or doors would look leading out to the patio.

Lastly we had some issues with the chimney leaking water.  During an inspection of the house, it was discovered the chimney had a section added on and this was causing the leaking problem.  We were able to take the height down and fix the problem.  More interesting is what we are doing to the chimney – a beautiful very light white wash.  When we first bought the house everyone commented on what an eyesore the chimney is, but I always liked it.  It think it gives the house character and with a white wash it will hopefully fade into the house better.  Here is an inspiration photo so you see what I mean.


05-12 Progress Photos - Chimney Repairs
05-12 Progress Photos - 2Chimney Repairs
Sun’s out, guns out
05-12 Progress Photos - 3Chimney Repairs
When I see pictures like this it makes me laugh, because when we first looked at the house – we were thinking just some paint and sprucing up…Renovations have a way of running away from you…

05-12 Progress Photos -4 Chimney Repairs

I will leave you with this cute story. During all this work and demo the guys found time to replant the hydrangeas that were near the foundation.  There is something so traditional and beautiful about hydrangeas on the Cape. We plan on planting many bushes but I really hope these originals make it through the renovation.

Relocated hydrangeas
Beautiful hydrangeas in full bloom


Field Trip Friday – Brimfield…Coachella for the 40+ crowd


oldman images-15 images-12 images-16 images-14 9f67f4b7-4c6c-4613-80b5-786f6d4df088--17018587143_033cbe9a8b_b 0341 1000w brimfield15 IMG_4323What is better than a day in an enormous hot, dusty, field surrounded by antiques.  For me not much….sad but true.  I love going to the Brimfield Antique Show in May.  It never lets me down and as my friend who went with me noted, you feel like you are apart of something bigger that yourself.  There were license plates on cars from all over the country.  People strolling around and enjoying the day or others completely on the hunt and in a rush to find it.

I was looking mainly for large pieces of art to hang in the cape house, nautical pieces, books, and anything that caught my eye.  I found some great stuff that I am really happy with.  Brimfield always  leaves you with good stories, like the porter we hired to help us with an unwieldy piece of art.  He reminisced with us about his stripper mom’s beautiful blue eyes.  He continued further down that path of conversation about stripper anatomy but I will spare you the details.  My friend and I found a large sum of money on the ground.  We waited around to see if we saw anyone in a panic looking for their money.  We also notified the front office and left my information.  Hopefully we will hear from that person.  I will keep you updated.  Here are some of fun, funky and beautiful things we saw at the show.


This framed Derby banner was gorgeous.


Sputnik lamps that were so unique and interesting – real show pieces.



This baby was so over Brimfield…
You know I love a good Federal mirror.
Abstract art in brilliant colors.
Well, I had a tough time walking away from these. I wanted to buy two and use them as guest towel bars. Can someone go this weekend and grab me two, please?
These light fixtures were great.
Georgeous.  Dying.
Never seen a coffee table like this – it’s pieces like these that keep me coming back to Brimfield.
Love the fabric choice
This tent was like a beehive of women throwing money at the artist. I needed to have a moment with myself about how many things I wanted to buy.
This bust reminded me a little of my husband as a teenager – a little…

It was a hot and very crowded day.  We definitely did not get to as many tents and fields as we wanted to go to.  Here are a few of the things I ended up grabbing.

I went crazy for this little coral leather card holder. It felt very “The Flamingo Kid”. I picture myself playing cards and having cocktails.
FullSizeRender 2
I got these framed water colors from the very busy tent. I already know exactly where I am hanging them at the Cape.
FullSizeRender 3
Huge whale framed print. It is woodcut artwork. We met the artist and chatted a little with him about the piece. This is also what we needed to hire a porter to help us carry.
I like to collect these little tin globes that you can find throughout the show. This was a mini one I added to my collection.


IMG_9117 IMG_9116

Great anchor bar set that my friend found for me! This will be front and center on my bar cart.

So that is it for my field trip to Brimfield.  I had such a great time hunting and laughing the whole time!  The show is open all weekend. Go early and stay late.

Monday I will be posting some major changes and updates for the cape house renovation.  Big happenings!!  For all you renovation photo lovers out there will be some major reno porn for you!  Have a great weekend!

Man-up your Floral Wallpapers

I love floral wallpapers and it is everywhere right now.  I feel like I am back in the movie “Pretty in Pink” with all these moody florals.  I imagine putting a beautiful, big floral print in my laundry room.  The room has all white trim and appliances, so it is a perfect balance. This is exactly what you want to do with florals create a balance.  Since florals are traditionally very feminine, it craves a masculine counterpoint.  Here are some ways you can create that tomboy floral look:

  1. Go with dark backgrounds.
    I want to do this paper in my laundry room. The butcher block surface adds a modern masculine look.  This paper was credited to Ellie Cashman.


  2. Use a masculine paint color to balance the look.


BM Chelsea Gray
BM Decorators White
BM Albalone
Farrow and Ball Pitch Black


3. Use florals in colors not normally seen in the flower world.

This paper by Schumacher is beyond fun and interesting. Put this in a hallway or entry way with a glossy black side table.
OKL OOmph table
OKL drop leaf table
Schumacher again, this one has been around the block but is always a great wallpaper. This would look great in a small bedroom with a giant bed.


This ultra traditional floral print with a masculine blue background would pair nicely with this soft but modern tan couch from CB2.


This orange beauty from Schumacher would be perfect in a sunroom with a pair of these  chairs from West Elm.

huron-small-lounge-chair-cushion-gray-c4. Add furniture and pieces with a modern or contemporary lines. All of these pieces below are from CB2.

chairs.jpg ottomans-benches.jpg storage.jpg

5. Use some artwork that contrasts with the flowers.

My tiny powder room with huge flowers.

IMG_9026 IMG_9030 IMG_9027

6. Finally, flip that look with some floral accessories and solid background to create a subtle contrast.

Etsy pillow!!!
Restoration Hardware – simple and streamline couch with linen fabric.



Are you a serial ginger jar buyer?

If you are, which is great, you probably can’t resist looking at large displays of blue and white ginger jars on Pinterest, love every time Mark D. Sikes posts a ginger jar and endlessly shop One Kings Lane looking for the perfect one for your collection.


I too am a big fan of a ginger jar.  These jars have been around for centuries, carrying ginger to the West in their bulbous porcelain bodies.  Now you buy beautiful antique jars and amazing reproductions.  Lately, I have seen a few twists on the original in new colors, sizes, shapes and contemporary patterns.  (The first four are from One Kings Lane.)Product_THC16888_Image_1 Product_THC17376_Image_1 Product_DAG10328_Image_1 Product_XDA10016_Image_1 109TBP_large_cropped images-5

The black and white above are so cool.  I can imagine these in a dark, moody teal room – almost an Alice in Wonderland look.  I love-love them!!  But what really caught my eye was the gorgeous coral jars.  These could stand alone or be mixed in with your present blue and white hoard.

images-6 images-3 images-7 6a00e55391c48e88330133f4ec66dd970b images-8 Unknown-12

While searching Etsy for some interesting vintage jars, I came across this wrapping paper.  How absolutely adorable is this? You can find it here.il_340x270.830534917_mkfb

Good luck on your on-going ginger jar hunt…

TomBoy Home Renovation – Front Door and House Colors


This is what the house looked like the day we first looked at it.
This is the anchor door knocker on the original door. We are keeping it and giving it a little clean up. I love the symbolism and meaning of the anchor so it was a good sign to me.

The front door of a house sets the tone for what to expect from the rest of the house.  Traditional, contemporary or even a very modern look the front door functions as the place where you greet your guests.  Front doors were not always painted bright colors for decoration, it was also a way to mark the entrance to the home.  When deciding to paint out house, I had to come up with color combinations for the house color, trim and front door.

20160429_094051 2
Residing and foundation prep phase
20160427_091715 2
Stripping the old siding off to get ready for the cedar shingles.

As far as construction and renovation go, the crew has been working hard on getting the outside go the house ready.  There was a lot of rot as I mentioned before but they are taking care of it.

We are residing the house with cedar shingles which is fairly common on the cape.


The trim of the house will be painted BM Bright White and the shutters and front door I wanted to do a bright navy blue.  I was thinking either BM Bold Blue or Van Duesen Blue.


BM Symphony
BM Bold Blue
BM Marine
BM Van Duesen


But before I went with the Navys, I almost went with the Robin’s Egg Blue Family.

BM Wyeth Blue
BM Covington Blue

I love these two colors above but the house next to us has this color combination already.

The shingles will weather to a gray over time but if we were painting the house color instead I was going to do this color.

BM Stonington Gray

I mentioned the anchor door knocker above.  A friend of mine once explained the symbolic meaning of the anchor and I loved the idea of the anchor.  Pulling the anchor up means you are off to an adventure and putting your anchor down means the safe end to a long journey.  Anchors symbolize stability, strength and safety.   What a great symbol to have on your front door greeting your guests.

Field Trip Friday – Ramble Market


I think the one of the major problems with decorating my home is that my taste changes over the years.  I may really like a look one year and then down the road I don’t like it anymore.  Now what do you do?  It is not like an old dress you can donate…  That is why I always lean towards keeping my large furniture basic and neutral and then try to find unusual pieces to create some interest.  Don’t get wrong I love to buy a trendy item, but I buy it knowing I will most likely get sick of it down the road.  When you purchase something different that you just really love you will end up liking it for years.  This takes to my my Field Trip Friday visit to Ramble Market in Waltham, MA.  This place is a antique hunters dream come true.  It is about 10,000 sf of antiques, vintage, mid-century, furniture, art and signage.  This list is only the tip of the iceberg.  To read about more of what they have check out the website here.  The owner has been doing this for years and is so friendly and interesting to talk to, you can tell he genuinely loves what he does.  I personally loved the mid-century area of the store.  You do not find a lot of mid-century pieces around here.

When you go look for pieces that catch your eye and that you enjoy looking at – not what you think you should have in your home.  If you do that I promise you will have a keeper.

Here are a few pics from the visit.

These were lined up on the outside of the store.
I fell in deep and unconditional love with this chair…
The colors in this painting are so vibrant and would be great in a entry way.
This armoire was enormous and so elegant. The back of the shelves were painted this incredible robin’s egg blue.


Many great wall hangings.
This sign says it all for me.


My friend and I both adored this small side table. Place this next to your traditional couch and you have a whole new look.
Lots of fun and naughty signs
Beautiful old clock…



If you have something specific you are looking for, do not hesitate to ask the owner.  He is more than happy and willing to help you find that special piece.  Good Luck!

Bar Carts – A party on wheels

I remember reading somewhere that all good Southern homes have a beeline from the front door to a place where you can make a drink.  The theory being guests do not need to go hunting for a glass of wine. I feel like our puritanical roots here in New England sometimes lend to more secretive drinking.  But when you have company it is important to have a designated place for the old cocktail area.  At my home I just use a countertop area that is under my wall cabinets.

This is the place in my kitchen I use as a bar area, coffee and brunch area, buffet, etc.


At the house in Falmouth we have a little spot in the kitchen near the patio that would be perfect to set up a bar cart.

Under the larger of the two windows I plan on setting up a little bar cart. Counter space is limited in this kitchen so this will be the place where the drink mixing will happen. It is also on the way out the door to the patio.

I have never had a bar cart.  I feel like they are really trendy right now.  When I was growing up it was the liquor cabinet.  Then when I got married it was the wine stand where you could hang up your glasses and pose your wines.  Now it is the full on, roll-in bar cart.  I think a combination of a counter height liquor cabinet and bar cart is the perfect place you can make a drink.

Layla Grace
What a great way to organize all you would need with this storage cabinet from IKEA.  Bottles on top in a tray.  Glasses in the middle.  Two baskets on the bottom for bar accessories.
West Elm laquer tray on top
Farrow and Ball Tourbillon wallpaper on the back of the shelves for a great detail
IKEA – I would change the cabinet pulls to something more sleek
Any of these pulls or knobs from Schoolhouse Electric would look great
Osbourne and Little wallpaper – Summer Palace

I love-love this IKEA red locker storage unit.  You could put wheels on it and roll it around the house as needed.  It would be so great in a spot that is more traditional with wallpaper behind it.  Then when your guests come over you tell them “drinks are at the red locker”.

This wall cabinet from IKEA could be painted a black laquer and really make a statement. Or you could wall paper the inside.
Layla Grace
This cabinet from IKEA used here as a place to display could also be used as a liquor cabinet. I like the simple design.
IKEA – this would great outside on a patio!
CB2 – a more modern boho look
One Kings Lane – elegant and needs some bloody Mary mix on it.
a great rattan option from Serena and Lily
Lucite tray from Layla Grace


Now for the Alcohol & Mixers

A favorite in Bermuda – Dark and Stormy
Gin and Tonic – just add  Schweppes
Rum is definitely a summer drink to make a Jackie Kennedy Daiquiri. 2 parts run, 2 parts frozen limeade, 1 part fresh lime juice.  Add a tiny bit of sweetener of choice.



Or you just renovate your house and put in a butler’s pantry with a small sink and fridge.


Mother’s Day – A trip to the beach

IMG_8860 copy
A photo from 1973 of my mom and me

What’s in your beach bag when you go to the beach? Remember your mom’s growing up?  She had it all in there and then some.  I am a mom now and I have my kids carry their own beach bag, so I have it down to a science of what I am bringing.  With Mother’s day coming up and my mom’s birthday maybe I could throw together a beach bag filled with goodies for her to bring when she comes for a visit at the beach.

Towel – I get really possessive of my beach towel.  On the beach it is like my little home.  I mark my territory with my towel.  Of course I am going to pick a stripe one but it can be terry cloth or one of the Turkish towels with the tassels would be good for my mom.


Great gift idea – monogrammed turkish towel at Nordstrom



One Kings Lane


Suncreen – so very important and I have learned the hard way.  My mom likes to use a lotion, I like a spray for my body and lotion for the face.   My kids love the Sun Bum one because of the gorilla and the coconut smell.
kiehls_aqualotion_spf30_1 dennis-gross-dark-spot-sun-defense_120_42030__05942.1409936976.184.245 20_45090__79112.1366661050.184.245











Sunglasses – Do you know you can custom design your own RayBans now?  On the website you can customize the lens, size, color and even put a little monogram on the ear piece.

My mom would look so cute in these sunnies by Ray-ban – very Jackie O




A great beach read – At the beginning of each summer for the past few years I have read the latest Elin Hilderbrand book.  Her books are the best beach reads.  They are also a book I can recommend to my mom. (Although she typically reads books about English seashore romance…)

Coming out June 2016
Came out a few years back – one of my favorites by her.









Water bottle – So many water bottles to choose from…I like these because of the pretty colors!  Need I say more!

Urban Outfitters
Not for your mom…sunscreen flask (Urban Outfitters)


Small zip bag – these are great to slip inside your bag.  I use it for money, my phone, and anything else I don’t want getting wet and sandy.

Truffle One
Truffle One

Beach tote – Everyone needs a great beach tote.  I like one I can throw things in and shake out at the end of the day – washable is a plus.  These below are such cute options, straw, fabric and stripes.  You know I have to throw in the ever ready and always dependable LL Bean classic tote.  Get it monogammed for mom and she will be happy!

_12507126 _11993060 300074_62_42 112636_2251_42












This is definitely a list of things to pick and choose from.  Hope it gave you a couple of ideas.  Good Luck!