Ok maybe I don’t feel like doing this anymore….

Everyone gets to a point in a home renovation when they say “Ok, I’m all set – you can leave everything right where
it is and go – thanks…” The plumber was here all day yesterday and just asked question after question, then listed all the things that needed to happen and all I could say was “Will it look pretty?”  Not quite, but you get the picture.  While he was ripping out the old heating system,

he had to turn off the off the heat for the day.  It was a cold day so I put on a jacket and a hat and went about my business as a pilgrim for the day.  When he left he told heat will be on soon, no big deal and left.  Since I had hypothermia at the point I did not notice that the heat was not coming on, when my husband came home at 6:30 he asked me why the heat was still off, my face…

Cut to my husband making phone calls, going up to the attic, down to the basement, like a scene from a Christmas Story of swears and threats.  I was just sitting calmly on the couch like a Victorian girl about to have a nervous breakdown on the inside but writing out Christmas cards.  The service guy came out and thankfully by 9 we had heat, like I would have noticed

Brian left at 6:30 so I had to deal with the aftermath of all this at 7 am while trying to inhale coffee and meth…. just kidding about the coffee….

SO how about some shopping, these are a few of the items I am installing in the bathroom.  I am pretty excited about all of the things I picked out until I have it installed and it looks crazy together (this happens all the time)

Toilet – This is not the exact one I am getting because this one has all the bells and whistles but I love the one piece at the bottom without those stupid knobs (getting gross here) that get disgusting when my son misses the toilet… The one I ordered is similar in appearance but smaller. Pedestal sink – Two choices here both from Wayfair. First, here is why I like to use Wayfair…  The have competitive prices.  They have great shipping prices.  They tell you the shipping date up front (no guessing, no having to call a human to get an answer).  They make returns incredibly easy!  If anything is delivered damaged they send out a replacement ASAP.  They are not perfect but if you know exactly what you are looking for it is a great option.  The bathroom requires a tiny pedestal and these fit the measurements.

Lighting – I tried to find a company that has in-stock items which means quicker shipping time but limited selection.  I found some great choices because I am basic like that…

I also found this very classic and traditional light if anyone needs one here.  I live in a colonial so my house is on the traditional side to honor the colonial look, but I would love to renovate other styles some day.

I love the brass finish, which leads to my love of brass especially in bathrooms and why I did not chose it for this renovation.  So I am completely in on the brass fixture bandwagon.  I also think brass has earned its stripes and is here to stay as a traditional choice.  BUT for this bathroom I chose to use all polished nickel finishes. This is what we have in the other bathrooms and I like the look.  I thought about mixing finishes, some brass, some nickel but this bathroom is too small for all that so I am sticking with what I know this time.  That’s all.

Those are a few of my choices.  Thanks for the therapy session above and I am glad we suppressed all that with some shopping.  Next week I will be away with my family but coming back in the new year with some more adventures in renovating.  Happy Holidays!