Odd Mom Out Apartment

I love a good ridiculous show that makes me giggle…Odd Mom Out does the job.  The star of the show, Jill Kargman is so funny that I sometimes even hear my husband laugh from the other room.  If you have seen the season 1 episode with French Third Base you too would be hooked.

So like usual, as I watch any show, movie, documentary, sporting event, birth, etc. I am always eyeballing the background.  I know I am not alone in this…  First you often see something hysterical but also I am looking at the decor which speaks volumes about any person.  (You could have the most beautiful things and be a complete slob)  Anyway, as I watch OMO I always love Jill Webber’s (played by Jill Kargman) apartment.  She has such an original and not to be taken seriously decor style.  Someone once said every room should have a little humor in it – so on that note we should all copy a little something from Jill.  Here are four steps to Odd Mom Out your home.

Step One – Wallpaper your home in something slightly goth and vampirey (she loves black, red and gray).  This is such a left turn from the typical light blue-grays and whites and neutral tones.

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Step Two – Find, buy or steal from your wealthy in-laws some amazing silhouettes and play them up with quirky, beautiful art work from Jennifer Ament, one of my favorite artists (here).

Antique silhouettes on Ebay

ART-01766_1 ART-08189_1


Above is Jill Kargman’s apartment.  I love how close it resembles her OMO apartment.  

Step Three – In real life and on the show Jill loves skulls.  So why not add some skull and crossbones to your life.  Both of these plates I found on Etsy.

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Step Four – the kitchen must have a pizza sign, grenade salt and pepper shakers and a Smeg refrigerator in a bright color…

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I found these shakers here but I have seen them all over the internet.

Now you have Jillified your home in four easy steps!  If you watch the show you can pick up some other amazing and outlandish decor for your bedroom and kids rooms!

P.S. If you are more of a Brooke kind of girl, that will be a whole other post but here is a couple pics…

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