How to with Brian…

…hanging a piece of artwork

From time to time I am going to do posts in a series called “How to with Brian”.  The series is going to teach us how to complete basic tasks that we would rather ask a handy person to do.  Personally, I am short on patience and big on getting it done immediately.  I have been known to use a shoe heel to hang a frame.  I always guess approximately or “eyeball it” where the picture should go.  Let me tell you I am pretty good at my guesses too, just don’t lift up any picture frame in my house, there will be at least 4-5 holes or guesses.  Anyway, I have a husband who just happens to be a builder.  I asked him if he would show me a few basic skills so I can stop bothering him and start doing these projects when he is not home.  I thought I would start with this oil painting from my in-laws that I recently had reframed.  So instead of getting out a boot and whatever nail I can yank out of the wall, I asked Brian to show me the right way to hang art.  He very begrudging agreed.  He was horrified when he saw the camera come out, like I asked him to pose nude or something.  Then when I told him it was for series on my blog I could see actually him trying to stop his eyes from rolling.  Chip and Joanna we are not…  After we were done I thanked him for doing it and he said under his breath “never again”  We’ll see about that…

Image-1 4
First step get out the right tools, I used hammer, level and the nails provided by the framer.
We measured the width of the room so we could center the picture.. Next we figure out the height measurement
Image-1 2
WE measured the height from the crown down of the mirror I wanted it to line up with.
Image-1 3
After we measured everything a million times, we finally got to hammering.

DSC_0896 DSC_0911
































It is nice when you can acquire art from a family member but this is not always the case.  I recently stumbled upon Artfully Walls while searching for framed prints on-line.  It is a great website for art prints from tons of artists.  You can also choose a size and have it framed.  This is a great place to visit!

image_rendered_thumb-2015-08-26--qEfovdDkw77md_UgA-ixwQuNMJ6kkMo1tXzhkK3s4RBgdTEc5h7XIf4j9D7ie7996AH54UCqPPNHg_H image_rendered_thumb-2015-06-10-vMgghHafHSpF7RcXZCF3xXmfLtkF1xf01CHh5dZe2L096psJgLOqyOuusBCZEDQho6_ijPGI5Mzsm3q4 file-1 file file

















I hope you enjoyed this “How to” session.  If I can get Brian to cooperate and do this again, I am thinking about learning how to use a drill.


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