Field Trip Friday – West Elm’s Amazing Displays

I really needed to look at some bedside tables I had my eye on at West Elm which they had displayed on the floor.  This may seem like a more ordinary field trip but I was actually really surprised at how the store was so pretty and colorful.  When I walked in West Elm, I said this would be a great field trip experience.

I was greeted by two amazing pillow and accessories walls.  I love a pillow wall it makes me feel like the world is full of amazing possibilities that could happen right on your couch.


Van Gogh once said, “There is no blue without yellow and without orange.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Shop this display:

crewel-diamond-stripe-pillow-cover-nightshade-o crewel-circle-lattice-pillow-cover-bright-turquoise-o


Pink is a color that never fails to put me in a good mood.  I have not quite figured out how to make pink more masculine for a little balance but I will find a way!

Shop this display:

roar-rabbit-dot-stripe-handwoven-throw-o diamond-color-stripe-pillow-cover-shockwave-o

There were all these adorable and festive little vignettes throughout the store making me think of all the soirees you could have at your home.


IMG_9873 IMG_9867



Shop these displays:

mid-century-turned-leg-standing-planters-matte-1-o cross-base-terrariums-2-o waterscape-vases-o mar-y-sol-capri-tote-bag-o

Here is the bedside table I was considering for the cape house.  I wanted to check out the drawers and finish.  I really liked it but was not able to pull the trigger quite yet.  I also like the parsons side table as a bedside table but I worry about lack of storage.

IMG_9868 IMG_9876

Here are some other things that caught my eye…

IMG_9869 IMG_9860 IMG_9870 IMG_9883 IMG_9871

Shop these displays:

outdoor-enamel-serving-bowls-2-t img1t

I ended up buying a few bowls and blankets for the cape house, which I will show you when we are in the house.  I did buy these cute pottery vases for my bookshelves, I think they add a little whimsy to the very classical pieces (whimsy warms up traditional in a great way).

IMG_9938West Elm is a fabulous on-line source that I turn to frequently for a laid back and contemporary style.  It is definitely worth a trip in the store just for the displays alone – they really gave me some great ideas!  They have two stores in Massachusetts and many locations across the country.  Good Luck!