Field Trip Friday – The Junior League Show House 2016 and a Gorgeous Store Front Visit

This week I had an opportunity to go to the 2016 Junior League of Boston Show House in Newton with a couple friends.  This year the  show house the JL chose is a beautiful Greek Revival home historically registered as the Nathaniel Allen House.  This house was a stop on the Underground Railroad and later served as a school house.  The owner, Nathaniel Allen was an abolitionist, educator and philanthropist. You can read more about the house on the JL website here or visit the show house which runs until June 5, 2016.


Many designers came together to finish the inside of this house, each taking on a room or two.  My friends and I were particularly enamored with the butlers bar.  First of all getting the butlers bar in my opinion is a major coupe!  Who doesn’t love to hang out in the bar area, especially this one.   It was designed and curated by Cecilia Walker of Cecelia Walker Design and Tracy Foley of Water and Main and it was fabulous.  A great mix of old and new with the the painted cabinets and AMAZING wallcovering.  I almost fainted over a loveseat with a zipper detail.  If you have not a had a chance to look over Celeclia Walker’s line of fabric (here) do so immediately.  I can show you a few samples.

CalisoleCobalt_454d02eb-36eb-4868-b750-78052ea94d7e_large RoyalBlvdPalm_large cwdhalfpipegreen_large BradleyRoadChart2_large

Also, check out Water and Main a great resource for home furnishings – vintage and antique.  Created by Tracy Foley, you can find her here or at the Boston Design Center.

Via Water and Main
Via Water and Main

Another great room was the a bedroom by designer Elizabeth Benedict.  This room “Chinoiserie Chic” was bursting with beautiful patterns and colors.  One of the highlights was all the accessories and details in this room fit for a tween.  If you have a chance, stop by her new store Elizabeth Home Decor and Design located in Newton.  We popped in after the our show house tour.  The store is filled with amazing decor items for sale and all the interior design services you would need.  Here are a few photos from her beautiful store…

Lots of great pillow pairs
beautiful original artwork
Loved these chairs
Fabrics everywhere
no shame in her bar cart game
These little paintings were too cute to pass up

Mally Skok the winner of the Boston Designers’ Pineapple Award  also has a gorgeous room in the show house.  The nursery was decorated to perfection with many of her fabulous fabrics and wall coverings.  Each pattern has a tale of adventure from Mally’s own life and travels.  Some of the patterns included:

WSL-02-247x247 zigzag-taupe-violet-247x247 flora-too-orchid-247x247 rohetpinktexturedonheavylinen-247x247










The last room I fall in love with was “The Little Kitchen That Could” by Mimi Walsh, located upstairs.  It felt like a little upstairs sun room.  The designer, did such a great job with textures and interesting details like ceramic tiles on the floor, unusual wall coverings and a wonderful little bench seat area.


This was a great day spent with fun friends who also love all things design and decor. I did end up buying a few things (below) for the cape house.

A shell mirror from the Show House Boutique and two little paintings from Elizabeth Home Decor and Design

Like I recommend with all my field trips, if you get a chance, visit the Show House and definitely make a stop at Elizabeth Home Decor and Design.  Both were so worth the time.  Good Luck!