Field Trip Friday – The Estate Sale Circuit

Two things I love to do, hunt for great home decor and look at houses, exterior and interior.  I get some of my greatest inspiration from other people’s homes.  So estate sales are right up my alley.  Apparently, there is a whole estate sale underworld going on every thursday-sunday.  I found this out when going to my first one recently.  I dragged my “reluctant friend” to go check out a local estate sale.  She did open the can of worms by introducing me to the app which gives all the information, time, dates and photos of upcoming estate sales in your area.

Anyway, there is a whole system to these estate sales, how you get in, how many go in first, etc.  Each one is run by different companies so the systems changes but everyone seems to know what to do.  As soon as we got in the house, people buzzed off like bees to a hive.  My friend and I just wandered around browsing like we were at a upscale boutique, nearly getting knocked over by people racing to get to the good stuff.

IMG_9965 IMG_9964 IMG_9961 IMG_9967 IMG_9969

Some of the estate sales feel like an “adult yard sale” as my friend put it and some are full-on antique dumping grounds.  It is definitely hit or miss but tons of fun!  This is again another time where you either need to know your stuff (researching makers marks and brands) or you buy what you love.

I ended up with a vintage fishing rod that is working condition.  It is going to my son’s room at the cape house.  My friend is always on the hunt for books.  Which is a great idea.  She got some interesting books and I grabbed her cast-offs.IMG_9974IMG_9980IMG_0433 2

I plan to join the estate sale circuit and get really involved in the hunt.  I have to get my game on, next time I will be buzzing around beelining right to the antique dog statues and knocking over old ladies in my way…

P.S. Although I mention the Estate Sales App as a great source for these estate sales, the app is in not sponsoring this post.  I really use this app!