Field Trip Friday – IKEA!!!!

Ok so I am very late to the IKEA game….People have been raving about IKEA for years and I just never really bought into it.  I just pictured a lot of weird looking black, yellow, and white home decor.  Occasionally, I would get a catalog and like some of the rooms but I felt it was way too good to be true.   It wasn’t even the putting together process (I actually love anything assembly required) it was more the thought of it falling apart the minute I get it in the house.  But as I have mentioned a few times before, we are trying to spread out the spending on this cape house.

On saturday I made the mecca to IKEA.  I needed to look at the bunk beds and furniture to see it for myself.

This is one of the dressers I looked at and really liked. It will not get a ton of use because my children prefer to have their clothes on the floor.

I have never been to IKEA before so this was my maiden voyage.  Damn!!  Why didn’t anyone ever tell me how great it is??? (or did they and I didn’t listen??)  As soon as I saw the first carefully curated display of their new Brazilian line I felt a little faint.  I started snapping pictures like I was swedish paparazzi.

IMG_8292I inspected all the displays from floor to ceiling.  I loved the furniture, the lighting, the bunk beds, the vanities.  I starting texting friends like I had just discovered a new planet.  It was like Disney for me, I felt like twirling in circles and singing…I don’t think I was this happy on my wedding day.  Then my son’s hands blew up like a puffer fish from touching something somewhere in the store.  It could have even been the parking lot (I can’t blame my favorite store) I almost yelled out in the food court “Are there any doctors here?” I mean they had everything else I needed.  But I knew my husband would die on the spot…I washed his little bloated hands and eventually the swelling went down.  Not even for a moment did the thought cross my mind to leave.

All kidding aside, we plan on ordering many things from couches, chairs, outdoor furniture, dressers, bunk beds and a bathroom vanity.   I am worried about the quality of some of the pieces, like the bathroom vanity and faucet.  Plumbing and electrical and not always easy to replace if something is falling apart.  But some of the things we have bought from top bath showrooms are pretty crappy anyway.  Here are a couple iPhone photos from my adventure:

IMG_8199 IMG_8202 IMG_8213 IMG_8212 IMG_8188IMG_8215 IMG_8191

When I came home that night I started really looking on-line to see what people are doing with IKEA hacks.  I cannot believe the talent some people have to transform a simple dresser or bookcase into an amazing piece of furniture.

ace-hardware-3-copy IKEA-HACK-how-to-turn-a-standard-closet-into-a-built-in-for-craft-storage-using-IKEA-dressers-8 campaign-rast1 grid-cell-19214-1422549283-15













Then there are the rooms curated by IKEA as well as designers and homeowners.

erin-williamson-design-1 Lay-a-beautiful-table-ready-for-restaurant-guests-at-home__201641_idip13a_01_rf_PH134225 201624_idip13a_01_rf_PH132337 aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRjEuYnAuYmxvZ3Nwb3QuY29tJTJGLXl0M2FoM043RlkwJTJGVlRBVWRlakoyWUklMkZBQUFBQUFBQVFrUSUyRnZpMUs2WjRENUxRJTJGczE2MDAlMkZpa2VhLWJhdGhyb29tLTIwMTUlMkIlMjgxJTI5LnBuZw==

These are straight from the IKEA website:201631_idip17a_hs05_PH133537 ikea_badrum_hemnes_inspiration_1baby-safety-in-the-nursery__20151_idch05a_01_rf_PH119640Gina’s open-plan kitchen and dining area is spacious yet cozy__201623_idip10a_01_PH131522 20163_cost01b_01_PH132614 20163_cold01a_01_PH132806 201623_idip10a_hs02_PH131524