Field Trip Friday – Brimfield…Coachella for the 40+ crowd


oldman images-15 images-12 images-16 images-14 9f67f4b7-4c6c-4613-80b5-786f6d4df088--17018587143_033cbe9a8b_b 0341 1000w brimfield15 IMG_4323What is better than a day in an enormous hot, dusty, field surrounded by antiques.  For me not much….sad but true.  I love going to the Brimfield Antique Show in May.  It never lets me down and as my friend who went with me noted, you feel like you are apart of something bigger that yourself.  There were license plates on cars from all over the country.  People strolling around and enjoying the day or others completely on the hunt and in a rush to find it.

I was looking mainly for large pieces of art to hang in the cape house, nautical pieces, books, and anything that caught my eye.  I found some great stuff that I am really happy with.  Brimfield always  leaves you with good stories, like the porter we hired to help us with an unwieldy piece of art.  He reminisced with us about his stripper mom’s beautiful blue eyes.  He continued further down that path of conversation about stripper anatomy but I will spare you the details.  My friend and I found a large sum of money on the ground.  We waited around to see if we saw anyone in a panic looking for their money.  We also notified the front office and left my information.  Hopefully we will hear from that person.  I will keep you updated.  Here are some of fun, funky and beautiful things we saw at the show.


This framed Derby banner was gorgeous.


Sputnik lamps that were so unique and interesting – real show pieces.



This baby was so over Brimfield…
You know I love a good Federal mirror.
Abstract art in brilliant colors.
Well, I had a tough time walking away from these. I wanted to buy two and use them as guest towel bars. Can someone go this weekend and grab me two, please?
These light fixtures were great.
Georgeous.  Dying.
Never seen a coffee table like this – it’s pieces like these that keep me coming back to Brimfield.
Love the fabric choice
This tent was like a beehive of women throwing money at the artist. I needed to have a moment with myself about how many things I wanted to buy.
This bust reminded me a little of my husband as a teenager – a little…

It was a hot and very crowded day.  We definitely did not get to as many tents and fields as we wanted to go to.  Here are a few of the things I ended up grabbing.

I went crazy for this little coral leather card holder. It felt very “The Flamingo Kid”. I picture myself playing cards and having cocktails.
FullSizeRender 2
I got these framed water colors from the very busy tent. I already know exactly where I am hanging them at the Cape.
FullSizeRender 3
Huge whale framed print. It is woodcut artwork. We met the artist and chatted a little with him about the piece. This is also what we needed to hire a porter to help us carry.
I like to collect these little tin globes that you can find throughout the show. This was a mini one I added to my collection.


IMG_9117 IMG_9116

Great anchor bar set that my friend found for me! This will be front and center on my bar cart.

So that is it for my field trip to Brimfield.  I had such a great time hunting and laughing the whole time!  The show is open all weekend. Go early and stay late.

Monday I will be posting some major changes and updates for the cape house renovation.  Big happenings!!  For all you renovation photo lovers out there will be some major reno porn for you!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Great finds!!! Love Jana in the federal mirror. Cochella for 40+ needs be be hash tagged.

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