Field Trip Friday and an Artist Spotlight – Brimfield

Last friday my friend and I made a trip to the Brimfield Antique Show with two things in mind, one was to just wonder and explore.  The other was to find the artist Mary Maguire’s tent.  I have to say this mind set worked because it was a great day full of unexpected finds at Brimfield.

img_2488Above is one of the many fields at Brimfield.


I felt overall the show was a little more global this year.  I saw many beautiful linens and indigo fabrics from Africa and these grain sacks below from France.

fullsizerender-3 img_2493

I love the detail on these chairs but also the original art  of a smiling whale was so tempting.

img_2492 img_2478 img_2479 img_2491

I decided we need a golf cart for next year – is that allowed?


Food52 set up a tent across from the food pavilion.  I was curious about it so we stopped in.  I am not sure what to think of it.  The tent was very curated with pieces you can buy on-line there and have shipped to your home.  Isn’t there something to lugging your treasure home?? Or in my case having my friend lug it to the car….


Other than the characters, curious wares and side show quality to Brimfield.  We all go for the hunt.  To find something that makes your heat beat a little faster.  Maybe because you thought it only existed in your dreams or maybe it is the unbelievable price.  But this is why we go.  My friend and I had that moment when we spotted these…


These are African trade beads made out of glass and strung on rope or straw.  They are beautiful when you hold them up to the light and look great draped across a book or on a book shelf.


I won’t name the website because it is one of my favorites but these blue ones above were $345.  Now maybe they were antique and had a special meaning but they look just like the ones we found for $25!!!  And my friend got another $10-20 off (I can’t remember) because we bought a whole bunch!


The beads are temporarily displayed here with my copper figurines but soon they will travel to the Cape and live happily there!

My second mission today was to find the Mary Maguire tent.  If you have ever been to Brimfield, saying it is huge is an understatement.  The fields and tents all look a like.  You start to feel like you know where you are going and then you are lost in a sea of antique wooden crates.  At one point I almost just started yelling, “Mary, where are you?”.  But we found her and she did not let us down.  This artist (here), who sells uniquely framed prints of animals, portraits, nature, ships and shells, creates pieces with a whimsical quality that I love.  Her pieces have been in many magazines, including House Beauitful.  Here are a few examples of her work and photos of her tent display at Brimfield.

th-3 th-5 th-4 th-7 th-6



I bought the black silhouette bird prints above, scroll down to the next post and you will see how I used these pieces.

I plan on going back to the Brimfield Antique Show for more fun in May. It is always different and entertaining!

Me and Jana leaving the show….  Until next year!