Field Trip Friday

For my field trip I headed to Concord center.  I needed to pick up passport applications so I thought I would go around to a couple of the shops in the center.  If you have not been to Concord center, it is a beautiful historic main street filled with retail stores, antique stores, sandwich shops, and jewelers. When I was 16, I worked at the Benetton that was right on the corner of all the activity.  It was my first grown up job and I loved it.  It is now a cute little stationery and gift store “the Dotted i”.

I stopped in two stores, Thoreauly Antiques and Nesting on Main again searching for items for my bookcases.  Thoreauly Antiques is like stepping into a well curated museum of antiques for the home.  Mostly small items, trophies, prints, jewelry, dishes, silverware, delicate linens, etc.  The items change over frequently so it is worth many visits.

Lots of trophies like this one
Thoreauly Antiques



IMG_6388 IMG_6386 IMG_6393 IMG_6395 IMG_6390 IMG_6391

















Then I popped into Nesting On Main.  In this adorable store you will find all sorts of home decor, unusual jewelry, gorgeous smelling candles and soaps.  The whole store is like walking into a citrus and pine scented forest but with dressers filled with trinkets for the home.  I especially love the back room that is decorated like something from a movie set of a nature lovers den.  It is really amazing.

The back room at Nesting on Main which reminds a little of where Lauren Liess might go to shop.



















What I did with what I found:  I ended up with a couple of gifts for a friend from Nesting.  At Thoreauly Antiques, I bought a beautiful white dish for my bookcase and  I also got a soup tureen that I will put on my dining room table.  I am picking up a Ivy plant to throw in it to bring some green into the room.  I saw some insect prints too that I may frame.  But I need to head to Ikea for some plain white frames for that project.  Maybe the next trip!  I am looking to go somewhere a little more modern to play against all these antique items.

IMG_6438 IMG_6433 IMG_6454