Do you Buy Now, Design Now???

I have literally had a full vacation bag that needs to be unpacked and washed for about three weeks now… it does not even bother me, it can wait…  But when I buy a new design/decor piece for my home I have to place, hang or use it immediately.  What about you?  I went to Brimfield on Friday and I was so exhausted from the trip after that I just wanted to shower and go to bed but I really considered hanging these Mary McGuire prints before I even took off my dust and Brimfield-odor encrusted clothes…


I decided to hang these today, I could not wait any longer.  Obviously, I hung these today in reverse order.  First I took down the old hangings (original windows from our house, very pretty but I need some color) then I ignored the screws still in the wall, next I carefully measured and hung the bird prints.  Lastly, I made plans to putty the screw holes and touch-up the paint from the holes.  BUT at least they are hung and I can enjoy while eating my ramen.


I will take a better picture when the whole thing is ready for its close up with some tweaking and styling.  If you look really close you can still see the screws from the windows.

Here is what I plan on styling it up with…

Serena and Lily pillow
RH pillow
This ceiling light from Dunes and Duchess is so pretty.
This pendant from Visual Comfort would be great because it looks like a bird cage and also it does not block the prints.
Runner from World Market

Hope I am not alone in the buy now, hang now situation…  Friday I will be posting a full report on Brimfield, what I saw, bought and how I used it!