Design Indecision…A Perfect Spot in the Kitchen

Every time I do a renovation there is always that one spot that you love and can’t wait to something great with and then comes the moment to do it and I can’t decide what to do.  Well, I am in that position with a little nook in the kitchen that is just waiting for it’s moment to shine.  It is a small corner with a low window right next to the sliding glass door.  This spot is surrounded by light and at some point down the road will have nice  flowering hydrangeas to look over.  BUT I am STUCK! I can’t decide what to do.  I keep mulling over different ideas, opinion polling my friends and hunting through magazines to find the perfect design plan.

Below are three photos of the area finished but waiting for a plan.  I did hang a lobster print.

IMG_1430 2 IMG_1429 IMG_1431

Idea 1: Window Bar

I found this photo in Martha Stewart magazine (september 2016).  I originally went right past it but then thought maybe with a simple thicker piece of painted white wood with simple corbels to hold it up coming right out of the window.  I would put two cute stools under the counter.  It could also be used as a bar set-up when entertaining (something we need desperately).

FullSizeRender 3

The Raskog stool from IKEA would work great under the shelf.

raskog-stool-blue__0443212_PE594224_S4-1Or this stool from Serena and Lily.


Idea #2: Bench Seating

This was my original thought right when I saw the area painted – bench seat with under seating cabinets or drawers. Two problems solved… we need more storage areas where things are tucked away and out of sight.  Also, we would have a little seating area.  I would love to have a seat cushion made out of the fabric options below.  Only problem with this – it would have to be custom and built in.  Two words that make my husband’s head implode.


Peter Dunham Peterazzi fabric
Mally Skok Rohet Flora Blue on Natural
Mally Skok Suzani Luv Blue

This was another idea expanding on the bench idea.  I would place a little side table and some stools creating a breakfast nook.  I used the photo below from House Beautiful because I love, love, love the table and stools.


Idea #3: Skinny Bar Cabinet



This sideboard option (here) from Wysteria offers a solution to our storage and bar set-up problems.  I would have plenty of storage for linens,  platters and dishes, etc.  On top we could set-up a bar/drinks area when needed.  I love the Gustavian style of the cabinet because it contrasts all the clean lines we have in the kitchen right now.

So which one should I do?  The cabinet I could order and have in the house for the Fall.  The other two would have to wait until next season or at the earliest this Spring.