Shoes and wallpaper

I love both shoes and wallpaper so why not think of what shoes to wear in what room.



Jimmy Choo shoes and Farrow and Ball wallpaper


Chloe flats and Mally Skok wallpaper


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Christian Louboutin and a green room with leopard stools.  Not wallpapered but still great!

Fragrance for 2016

Fragrances for winter and spring 2016





I have always loved perfume!  Since I was a little girl and I used to play with my mom’s perfumes and lotions.  Whenever I smell a perfume on someone I always think they seem a little more dressed up, mature, etc.  Although, sometimes a perfume can be too much.  I find it works best layered first with body lotion and then dab a little parfum on.


You can find these fragrances at Nordstrom, Byredo website and Bloomingdales.


Friday Field Trip

It is obviously not Friday but Christmas is on Friday so I thought the Friday Field Trip post would work better today.  I had to pick up last minute gifts in West Concord today.  I love the ease and character of West Concord.  There are a variety of shops and places to eat.  Also, a heavy interest in home improvement in this little center.  Forever Tile is one of my favorite home renovation sources that I have used in the past.  I also always stop at Concord Teacakes for a coffee and a lemon raspberry muffin.  Lastly, I usually hit up Phillips Paint for a few paint samples because I don’t have enough…
IMG_5547  IMG_5524 IMG_5540IMG_5534 IMG_5531IMG_5545

Etsy Love


Etsy has opened a whole new world to me and many others.  It is not just a place for crafts, you can also search for great gifts on this site.  I searched calligraphers and found a very talented artist, Victoria Drive.  Not only were her prices incredibly reasonable for a handmade piece, she also worked with me on this very small project to get it done with what I had in mind (it was almost as if she read my mind) and send it to me in time for Christmas.  I framed it in a RHbaby frame (a great source for frames for the home).  This is a present for my in-laws with all the grandchildrens’ birthdates.  I think my mother-in-law will love it!