Betwixt and Beautiful… New window treatments

Quick post!  My friend, Jana, and I just threw up these window treatments and drapery rods in about an hour (or should I say Jana did all the work while I supervised and talked about Vanderpump Rules).  The whole thing cost a little over $100!!!  Here is how I did it:


I spotted these curtains by Nate Berkus at Target on clearance for $20.99.  They still have them on line, but the sale is ending soon.


Above is the Betwixt by Schumacher fabric sample showing the pattern.curtain_rods_energy_new_copy_copy__70935-1463005748-500-750

I ordered these drapery rods from Urbanest for $42.99.  My friend, Devon, researched them for me after we saw these at the Junior League show house.  Tracey Foley of Water and Main and Cecilia Walker of Everything in Threes used them in the butler’s pantry/bar.


I also used these rings to lengthen the panels a little.


fullsizerenderI am so happy with the outcome!  It is amazing what two girls and a screw gun can get done in an hour!

The “New” Neoclassical Look…Let’s try it

img_2756Lately, I have noticed a trend in decor and design making a statement.  Neoclassical design, or what  I like to call ancient civ class chic, is popping up everywhere.  It is that well traveled look that used to be only for the homes of professors and anthropologists.  BUT now anyone can get this look by either hunting through your relatives attics (always my first choice), scouring antique shops, or shopping on-line!

This look could be real antiquey looking fast so watch out for using too much.  Also add in some modern pieces to break it up or a nice lacquered item with clean edges.

Simple pottery design with an ancient greek or roman look from One Kings Lane
A modern campaign side table in a lacquered aqua from All Modern
You can always find Jasperware at One Kings Lane if your mom isn’t hoarding half of it in her spare closet…
Place a small collection of Japserware on a tray for that collected look. A favorite of mine are these trays from West Elm.
I couldn’t do a piece on Neoclassical and not include Greek key… These glasses from One Kings Lane would even get Don Draper drunk. Place them on my all time favorite…a bar cabinet. I use to love bar carts until I realized how cluttery I make them look. I love to hide all my booze behind closed doors but display the beautiful glasses on top.
Console/bar cabinet from Wysteria
Bar cabinet from World Market

Does anyone do laid back Neoclassical better than Mark D. Sikes right now?  He is like having a cup of tea in a museum garden.  I am fascinated with him.  Here are a few photos from his book to copy, reinvent, make yours!

img_2754 img_2755 img_2758


Lighting Up a Bermuda Cottage

l1070328 l1070761

My in-laws own a beautiful little cottage on the island of Bermuda.  (Above are photos of the family home.)  Luckily for me, my Mother-in-law asks my opinion on design decisions and I am happy to oblige!  They just renovated the kitchen, which came out gorgeous, light, and bright.  Once they did that they looked up and noticed how much they did not like the light fixture over the dining table.  She has asked for my help in finding a new one that fits the space better.  I made some notes on the photos below…


One pendant light above dining table.


White stone walls and shutters on inside and outside.


Gray/tan tone table and chairs in a basket weave pattern with stone color cushions


White kitchen with neutral countertop and backsplash.


Mostly stainless steel and polished chrome fixtures.

So the fun part, here are some options for my in-laws to look over and get inspired.  There house is a laid back traditional style which suits them perfectly for relaxing and enjoying Bermuda.

  1. The see-through lantern



Circa Lighting
Visual Comfort
I would do two of these from Wayfair
Circa Lighting

2. The basket weave pendant

16c5ff01231661a85bbc1acfb3213009 4


Restoration Hardware
RH baby and Child
One Kings Lane


3. The white shade pendant


Restoration Hardware


4. The beaded chandelier428a36aca2ad45580fa903f49449f36f

Serena and Lily


A few wild card options…


Circa Lighting
Serena and Lily
RH baby and Child
I love these glass pendants that come in many shapes but when turned on at night they can be a little harsh on the eyes.

A few photos of the beautiful island that we love.  Bermuda is like going back in time to a place where people dress for dinner, have impeccable manners and always have time for an afternoon swim.

l1060332 l1070684 l1060370 l1060453 l1060328 l1070314 l1060640 l1060600 l1060551 l1060510-copy l1060445l1060723A last night of vacation tradition… getting a little tipsy with Mr. TBH at Henry’s…

Do you Buy Now, Design Now???

I have literally had a full vacation bag that needs to be unpacked and washed for about three weeks now… it does not even bother me, it can wait…  But when I buy a new design/decor piece for my home I have to place, hang or use it immediately.  What about you?  I went to Brimfield on Friday and I was so exhausted from the trip after that I just wanted to shower and go to bed but I really considered hanging these Mary McGuire prints before I even took off my dust and Brimfield-odor encrusted clothes…


I decided to hang these today, I could not wait any longer.  Obviously, I hung these today in reverse order.  First I took down the old hangings (original windows from our house, very pretty but I need some color) then I ignored the screws still in the wall, next I carefully measured and hung the bird prints.  Lastly, I made plans to putty the screw holes and touch-up the paint from the holes.  BUT at least they are hung and I can enjoy while eating my ramen.


I will take a better picture when the whole thing is ready for its close up with some tweaking and styling.  If you look really close you can still see the screws from the windows.

Here is what I plan on styling it up with…

Serena and Lily pillow
RH pillow
This ceiling light from Dunes and Duchess is so pretty.
This pendant from Visual Comfort would be great because it looks like a bird cage and also it does not block the prints.
Runner from World Market

Hope I am not alone in the buy now, hang now situation…  Friday I will be posting a full report on Brimfield, what I saw, bought and how I used it!

Build a Room around This….


39424759_003_b1-1The Moroccan Cross Rug from Anthropologie

When I saw this rug in the new arrivals at Anthropologie I got a little giddy.  It would be perfect in my almost any room in my house.  You could easily build a whole room around this piece and it is so versatile that you could use most of the furniture you already have.

Here are a few pieces that would love to work on top of this rug…

Dot and Bo
Jayson Home
Serena and Lily Chairs
Serena and Lily
Gracious Home
School House Electric Ottoman
Restoration Hardware Couch
Oomph bar cart or side table
Dunes and Duchess lamp
Lamps Plus sea grass pendant (for some texture)



Visual Comfort French Cuff sconce
Farrow and Ball Purbeck Stone
Farrow and Ball Pavilion Gray

I have noticed black, white, and gray everywhere this Fall and it is calling to me.  I thought gray’s moment had past but it seems to be enjoying rolling around with black and white for another few seasons.  Either way, photography and wild prints work great for this moody look.

Jennifer Ament print
One Kings Lane
One Kings Lane

Or maybe frame your own photography cropped and blown up…  This is a photo I took on my iPhone of a window on the Nobska lighthouse in Falmouth, Cape Cod.

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender 2

On the Framebridge app or website you can upload photos from Instagram or your own library and choose a frame.  They have a great selection and it is very easy to create.  You can also send in pieces to have framed.

Tomboy Home Renovation – Business in the Front…Party in the Back

IMG_2450The summer is winding down, the beaches are becoming quiet, the nights are getting chilly.  This all means Fall is coming and it is time for us to do the Fall planting around the house.  This is a project I begin with trepidation.  As I have mentioned before, I am a frustrated gardener.  My mother was a florist for many years and definitely has a green thumb.  I love looking at the landscaping of a home and the different styles.  When it is my turn to pick out plantings and plant them – they usually die.

My husband and I agreed we need some help with the landscaping down here on the cape.  I read once, consider landscaping on the cape like landscaping on another planet.  The conditions are completely different.  We asked a local landscape architect to consult and draw up plans for us.  After we get the plans, we will get going on planting.

I realized that I am taking the mullet approach to landscape design.  I want the front to be classic, neat and simple with dots of blue and white flowers.  The back with a hedge backdrop, could be a bohemian oasis.  I would love a lush look that feels cozy and private.  It is the true Tomboy home feel… a mix of masculine and feminine to create a simple yet cozy outdoor feel.

Below are two inspiration photos to guide me on this project.


I love the look of silvered teak with the greens from lush hedges and hydrangeas. For the cape I have really jumped on a navy and white stripe theme but in these photos below the owner used touches of gray as a back drop to her garden and it is beautiful.


We already have some pieces in place, a table, chairs, a small sectional, umbrellas for much needed shade, and of course outdoor pillows for some pattern and color.

We ordered this teak table from Amazon. It is one of my favorite things we bought fro the house. Great quality!
I bought these pillows from Pottery Barn. I love the white piping.
I went with a rectangular striped patio umbrella from Pottery Barn.
A few outdoor throw pillows for the IKEA sectional
Another texturey outdoor pillow from PB
I may be a little obsessed with directors chairs. This one from Serena and Lily comes in other colors and a striped option. The teak will fade to a silvery gray over time if you want.
Waiting for this Serena and Lily outdoor bar cart to go on sale.

We will be getting the landscaping plans any day now and start the project in the next couple of weeks (I hope).


Great tip – I mentioned to the landscaper that I wanted window boxes. She said to get a drip line installed into the boxes from the get-go otherwise I will be very frustrated with dying plants.  I plan to look into this and see what it entails but it sounds like a great idea.



One last thing….th

So I love decor, cooking, reading magazines, etc.  I feel like I am a pretty capable person (I could even garden if I really put some effort in) but when it comes to technology I am a cavewoman.  I literally think the cloud is magic.  I am actually spooked by some of the things computers can do.  It is shocking I have a blog and Instagram.  Cut to the problem, my husband and I both knew we wanted some type of music system in the cottage but it had to be more than an iPhone in a cup.  This is when we turned to our good friend, Matt who is a big league tech guy.  He told us about the Sonos Home Sound System, which plays music throughout the house.  We can play music from Spotify (not sure what that is yet) and can choose the room it plays in.  Honestly, I feel so cool it is crazy.  The small, sleek and un-intrusive speakers sit high on walls in the corners of the house and even outside on the patio.  My husband selected the white trim to blend in with the walls.  We picked out the system early in the project so the electrician could wire accordingly.  It is one of my favorite things we did in the house.


Design Indecision…A Perfect Spot in the Kitchen

Every time I do a renovation there is always that one spot that you love and can’t wait to something great with and then comes the moment to do it and I can’t decide what to do.  Well, I am in that position with a little nook in the kitchen that is just waiting for it’s moment to shine.  It is a small corner with a low window right next to the sliding glass door.  This spot is surrounded by light and at some point down the road will have nice  flowering hydrangeas to look over.  BUT I am STUCK! I can’t decide what to do.  I keep mulling over different ideas, opinion polling my friends and hunting through magazines to find the perfect design plan.

Below are three photos of the area finished but waiting for a plan.  I did hang a lobster print.

IMG_1430 2 IMG_1429 IMG_1431

Idea 1: Window Bar

I found this photo in Martha Stewart magazine (september 2016).  I originally went right past it but then thought maybe with a simple thicker piece of painted white wood with simple corbels to hold it up coming right out of the window.  I would put two cute stools under the counter.  It could also be used as a bar set-up when entertaining (something we need desperately).

FullSizeRender 3

The Raskog stool from IKEA would work great under the shelf.

raskog-stool-blue__0443212_PE594224_S4-1Or this stool from Serena and Lily.


Idea #2: Bench Seating

This was my original thought right when I saw the area painted – bench seat with under seating cabinets or drawers. Two problems solved… we need more storage areas where things are tucked away and out of sight.  Also, we would have a little seating area.  I would love to have a seat cushion made out of the fabric options below.  Only problem with this – it would have to be custom and built in.  Two words that make my husband’s head implode.


Peter Dunham Peterazzi fabric
Mally Skok Rohet Flora Blue on Natural
Mally Skok Suzani Luv Blue

This was another idea expanding on the bench idea.  I would place a little side table and some stools creating a breakfast nook.  I used the photo below from House Beautiful because I love, love, love the table and stools.


Idea #3: Skinny Bar Cabinet



This sideboard option (here) from Wysteria offers a solution to our storage and bar set-up problems.  I would have plenty of storage for linens,  platters and dishes, etc.  On top we could set-up a bar/drinks area when needed.  I love the Gustavian style of the cabinet because it contrasts all the clean lines we have in the kitchen right now.

So which one should I do?  The cabinet I could order and have in the house for the Fall.  The other two would have to wait until next season or at the earliest this Spring.

The lie we all tell ourselves….The year I’m getting organized…


I am officially the parent all teachers hate.  I am so disorganized that I lose everything, I forget to answer emails or even read emails, I forget field trip days, pajama day, crazy hair day, backwards day, teacher appreciation day.  I forget that I volunteered for a craft, to bring in a cake, to fold origami, to make salsa, wear a full-on colonial garb, a kimono, a geisha girl outfit, a sombero, a farmer outfit.  I forget to drive on the left when picking up, move my car in time, clap-out, clap-in, sign-in, sign-out, watch my child read a poem in front of the whole school… the list goes on and on.  I am not busier than any other mom, nope, I am just really disorganized.  Having children fried my brain.  Here’s the best part – you know how I know I am a disappointment in the eyes of my children’s teachers? Because I was a teacher before I had the children of the corn.  So this year I getting organized.  And I have decided that the Raskog from IKEA is going to help me do it.


How cute and functional is this???  Now I normally hate any type of furnishing or decor that suggests that I parent but I actually can live with this one.  The part that sold me is the wheels.  If at any point I need to hide it I can just wheel it in the other room.  It has three baskets, one for each kid, so when they hand me all those papers with deadlines and red marks all over them I can put them in the basket rather than the recyle bin.  I am not going to get all cutesy with it and put their names on the side – they know which basket is theirs.  Now the librarian can rest at night knowing the Kennedys have finally found a place to put the library book and I can stop writing checks at the end of the year for all the books we lose (I am already on a payment plan for the public library).  This little cart is going to solve all my problems and can be used as a bar cart during school vacation week.raskog-utility-cart-turquoise__0451634_PE600618_S4 raskog-utility-cart-beige__0497006_PH130439_S4

Good luck with your own Fall organization projects…hope your system of choice works past Halloween.

Field Trip Friday – Ship & Shore

This is a coast guard ship we bought for my son’s room. I made the framed book cover of The Old Man and The Sea.

I have not been able to do one Field Trip Friday this summer due to extreme laziness and summeritis.  BUT I passed this store and saw nautical artifacts and pulled a quick u-turn.  I am beyond cliche because I need a bumper sticker that reads “I brake for antiques, artifacts and nautical shit”.  So I forced my whole family to go into this tiny store in Sandwich, Ma, which is just over the Sagamore Bridge.  The owner was a friendly guy who deals mainly in nautical artifacts and antiques.  There were old sea trunks, weathervanes, porthole mirrors, ship lamps and sailor valentines (my favorite).  He said he gets requests from all over the country for items for sets and shoots.  If you are in the area or want to visit go here.


IMG_2114 IMG_2113 IMG_2112 IMG_2111 IMG_2110 IMG_2107 IMG_2106 IMG_2103 IMG_2101 IMG_2108

I really wanted to buy that wood door thing.  I am not sure what I would do with it.  Plus Mr. Tomboy Home was with me and he would have asked a million questions ruining the whole impulse buying experience.  After you finish looking at the artifacts you can purchase a cigar from the built in humidor.  I love finding interesting and unique stores.  This was definitely one and them!

Tomboy Home Renovation – Master Bathroom

DSC_1269Welcome to one of the smallest and coziest bathrooms you will ever side- step foot in…

When we first looked at this house I really loved the little bathroom.  I LOVE a tiny bathroom.  BUT they definitely come with their quirks, such as tight quarters, space issues, claustrophobia, etc.  I also knew when I looked at it the second time that this little bathroom really wanted a wallpaper in a nautical theme.

The bathroom was in great shape when we started renovations.  My husband was happy to just paint if I wanted to and leave it at that.  Little did he know I agreed with him, the bathroom didn’t need much work, I just really wanted to wallpaper it.  Here are the before photos…

DSC_1093 DSC_1092 DSC_1090 DSC_1091 L1080073 L1080078

Here are the after photos of the finished bathroom.  This bathroom and I are in deep love.  So much I have told everyone it is mine and only for me – I don’t say that but I think it often.  I feel like I am in an underwater dream of navy and aqua waves or surrounded by seagulls whichever you prefer.

IMG_1986 IMG_1976

On the shower walls is a white subway tile and white penny round tile for the floor.


The sconce had to be placed above the vanity which I know causes a bad down shadow on your face – terrible for applying makeup but it has not been that bad so far.


We kept the original sink because it was a perfect fit – no room for vanities or pedestals in this room.  The floor is also original and in great shape.

I love this privacy toilet paper holder that is original to the house. It keeps the room looking streamline and nautical.

In a past post I explained about the wallpaper incident with my husband.  We did end up installing it and I am happy with the paper and the quality from Farrow and Ball.  They were fast with shipping and the paper is very nice.  It was installed very fast so we could get the inspection done.  I feel bad that I made everyone on this project jump through hoops on this very high maintenance bathroom but that is what wallpaper does to you – it turns you into a reno-monster.  I am not sure my husband has forgiven me yet but we are getting there.

So now that it is all done there is one thing that bothers me just a little and we did not have the time to address properly.  Under the sink the pipes are exposed but not in a chic French hotel kind of but a really bad white plastic way.  I think the guys working on the job tried to make the pipes blend into the wall by painting them navy blue.  I love the idea and effort, but this happened…


So I saw this in the latest House Beautiful September issue and thought this might work.  Such a quiet pretty bathroom and the fabric skirt looks great in this small space, plus more storage for the ugly necessaries.


Wallpaper – Farrow and Ball

Hardware and fixtures – Restoration Hardware

Medicine cabinet – Lowes

Sconce – Circa Lighting

Faucet –

Shower curtain – Pottery Barn

Floor mat – Waterworks

Sink and floor tile is original


Tomboy Home Renovation – Our Bedroom

I have been down on the Cape for a few days and planning to stay here with the kids for 2 weeks.  All of the neighbors keep telling me how they love the Cape in August and I have to agree.  It has that summer worn in feel, like an old soft beach towel with faded stripes.  It has been hotter than usual.  I always remember needing a sweater at night for those Cape nights but not now, when I take the kids to the beach at night we are just fine without a sweater.

When we started renovating the house I really had a vision for my bedroom.  I wanted light, airy and easy.  Here are a few of the befores.




Here is the after.  (Please excuse my photography, this was such a hard room to photograph and I feel I did not do it justice.)

The floors just needed a little sand and finish and the walls some white paint like the rest of the house. The bed headboard is from Serena and Lily. The side table from IKEA and the lamp is from One Kings Lane.  The ship oil painting I found at a consignment shop in Sudbury.  I love the colors!
The dresser is from IKEA and lamp from One Kings Lane. I picked up this beautiful oil painting many years ago at a barn sale in Sudbury. I met the artist and she was so sweet.
Another view
The view of a tidal salt pond from my window. To the right is the Sea Crest Hotel. Sometimes we get serenaded with  music coming from the bar at night.


Field Trip Fridays….

We have been doing a different type of “fieldtrip” on the Cape.  I can’t take them shopping (they hate that – especially consignment or antique stores) so we go on adventures to new beaches.

FullSizeRender 2 FullSizeRender 6 IMG_1597 IMG_1599 IMG_1608 IMG_1638 IMG_1629 IMG_1635 IMG_1613 FullSizeRender 5 IMG_1656



TomBoy Home Renovation – Kitchen


I am just going to jump right in on the kitchen renovation and hold my commentary for the end this time.  Below is a progression of the work done on the kitchen.  We loved this kitchen from the get-go.

L1080035 L1080032DSC_1099DSC_1095
DSC_1086L108006820160511_113622 2

We painted the cabinets Ben Moore Stonington Gray, added a new countertop and retiled the backsplash.  We also put in hard wood floors and sanded and refinished the old hard woods to match.  We really did not change the layout as it was already a great layout and this saved us in the budget.


IMG_1371 IMG_1427 IMG_1425 IMG_1423 IMG_1430 IMG_1432 IMG_1422

So when we bought this cape house one of the things I liked the most was the kitchen that was tucked in the end of the house off the patio where the grill is located.  It is a very efficient kitchen but not one that lends to the cooking with guests atmosphere – no kitchen parties here and I LOVE IT!  Now not to say I don’t LOVE a good kitchen island in a home.  They are so pretty and useful especially with kids.  I am just an old fashioned girl I love that behind the curtain kind of kitchen where I can cook in peace without someone asking me why I am using paprika.  Also, we have a chance to sit around the patio table located right out the kitchen slider.  It does not have to be formal… just sitting around with your family and friends and enjoying your meal and conversation.  Below are a few of the pieces I picked up for the kitchen.  I wanted to keep everything simple and informal – nothing too fussy.

A few of my favorite things…


This mug from Crate and Barrel is perfect for my one cup coffee addiction


A great enamelware platter from Serena and Lily to hold large amounts of grilled food



This colorful blender from KitchenAide (Crate and Barrel) will be great for Mudslides and Smoothies.


A bunch of these cute little swirly bowls from Golden Rabbit are prefect for condiments, dips, and salsa


I found a similar pair of salt and pepper shakers at the Brimfield Antique Show in May for a great price, these are on sale at One Kings Lane.


I am finally getting to know Falmouth by finding places to hunt for decor. I will definitely be doing a few Friday Fieldtrips from the cape and islands.

IMG_1402 IMG_1403


FullSizeRender 2 FullSizeRender 3 FullSizeRender 4

TomBoy Home Renovation – How to treat those windows

Is there anything else in the interior design category that gives people more stress and anxiety than window treatments.  I find them so stressful at times that I have actually sold my husband on the lie that I love the way plain windows look.  We have a sunroom that is hotter than Hades in the summer and I refuse to even entertain the thought of window treatments, one because they are expensive and two because it is reallllly hard!

But my husband asked me to stop dragging my ass on the windows at the Cape.  His rational was security reasons.  He is right… when we leave for the weekend it is a good idea to draw the curtains for added security.  So I knew it was time to call my favorite window guy, Michael at Designs in blinds in Waltham.  He came to the house, measured the windows, brought samples and talked to me about options.  I had an idea in most of the rooms but needed some help on a large window in the front to the house. We decided on a white linen/cotton roman shade which will blend nicely in to the window when up and provide security and privacy when we pull it down.  I did shutters in all the bedrooms and wood blinds in one room where bunk beds will block the window.

shutter options
Roman shade fabric


So now for the huge elephant in the room, the three sliding glass doors along the back of the house.  For these I actually had a vision, I wanted to do a sailcloth look in white with large grommets.

This is one of my inspiration pictures.

My friend, Devon, gave me some help on bringing this to reality.  We saw the best curtain rods at the Design Show House back in June.  She tracked down the company for me and I was shocked at the low price!  They shipped  in a week and handed them off to Brian to hang.  I also found really cool tie backs to keep the panels out of the way during the day.  Brian and I hung everything one morning while the kids beat each other for sport.

West Elm
Restoration Hardware

The process of hanging ready made curtains involves measuring, re-measuring, and patience….

Happy team hanging curtains and rods.
I did help out with the measuring.
We had to put the rods and curtains together to be able to mark the spot to hang it. Just to complicate matters the ceilings or floors are uneven.
I bought two sets of rods to try out, the Urbanest fit best above the slider.
In the middle of the project.



I love the curve on these rods giving you more room to sweep the curtains back.
Hanging up
I found these tie backs at RestorationHardware. They work well because we needed something to keep the curtains out of the path of the slider entrance.

This is the only photo I have of the living room with the curtains in the background.  I will take a few more and post them next weekend.  I am still hanging wall art and decor which is taking a while.  We are eventually going to take out the sliders and put in french doors so until then this was a great inexpensive solution.  I like how they turned out so much I would probably try to keep them with the french doors too.

TomBoy Home Renovation – the wonders of lawn sod

Quick friday update – the house is coming together on the interior.  I am will be posting a look at each room throughout the rest of the summer.  I have finally had a little talk with myself that it is not all going to be done this summer.  It will be a work in progress.  That is also what makes this house fun – I can continue to look for things and do little projects throughout this year.  I have been very sad that the renovation is coming to an end.  Renovations are very stressful but also very exciting as you see the changes take place in your home.  I get giddy over the littlest door hinge!

Anyway, this Spring we hired an amazing landscape company to take care of our yard.  After doing work on the exterior of a house typically any existing landscaping and grass areas get destroyed.  When we ripped up the concrete patio and put in the new patio the whole backyard was torn up and leveled.

05-12 Progress Photos - Patio Demo
Before photo of backyard patio getting demo-ed


Before photo of the backyard after we ripped out the concrete patio

Jesse recommended we seed the front yard and because the backyard is so small, lay down lawn sod.  I have never done this before on any of our projects.  It was fascinating and amazing!  In just a couple of hours, we had a full backyard.

During photo – look at those lawn sod burritos
Jesse hard at work
After photo – almost done


Front yard grass seed growing in

Before the lawn sod and seeding was done the house was taking a beating with all the tracked in dirt.  I was sweeping like a crazy person.  I was sweeping in my sleep.  I kept snapping at everyone to wipe their feet.  I was making the family miserable.  We now have grass growing in the front yard and should have a full lawn in a month.  Next we need to start thinking about landscaping the beds around the house.  I also plan on doing two white window boxes in the front once we get the shutters up.

Inspiration Photos for window boxes and shutters:

love these anchors (and color)
Board and batten with anchor cut-out – popular on beach homes.
This is going to be bold faced copied by me and put on the house ASAP! I love this!
Adorable boxes on a shingled home
I am a big fan of white and blue or purple flowers with lots of greens! This is perfection.
White flowers again – simple and bold

Thanks for reading along during this renovation.  You can also follow along on my instagram @tomboyhome

TomBoy Home Renovation – Boy/Guest Room Before and After

FullSizeRenderWe spent the rainy weekend at the quiet Cape.  The weather was iffy compared to last weekend but I didn’t mind it, the beach was empty and the traffic was light.  We also got a chance to test out our gas fire place which was so cozy.  We are still working hard on the house, so many things to do… hanging wall decor and organizing has been my main priority.  Brian has been busy measuring the windows for the shutters he is going to make and working on the exterior in general.  ALSO, we finally got to meet the previous owner, Bunny.  She was so wonderful and I loved meeting her.  Talk about a gracious and class act lady.  She gave me a hug and let me gush about how happy we are in the house.  I know it was not easy for her to let go of her house but she made our family so very happy.  Thanks Bunny!

Each room is slowly coming around with all the unpacking.  I have been busy making sure the kids like their rooms and feel some sort of input, although I really haven’t given them any.  (I won’t go into decorating with your kids and will save it for a future blog, just put it this way, it always ends in tears – yours not theirs.) and (If you disagree then your child must not like neon aqua and you are very lucky…)  I figured I would start posting what we did to the house with the boy/guest room.  It was easy because my son really didn’t care about the decor.  Also, he loves nature and outdoorsy stuff and that works so well in a cape house.


This is the before photo that I feel like it was taken years ago and not just in April.  We chose to paint the walls white because I am obsessed with white but let me just say the Knotty Pine look is coming back on the scene – done right it could be very cool and nautical.

L1080136After…the fishing and wildlife room meets really comfy little daybeds from IKEA.  Down the road I am going to have a carpenter make the beds look like built-ins by adding some shelves on the ends or middle.  Bonus – these beds pull out into fulls.


A little dresser I tucked inbetween the 2 beds for added storage.


Another shot of the bed.  Eventally these windows will have shutters on them.




I framed a vintage book cover of Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea.  Which is one of my favorite books…I was amazed at how long that guy held onto that fish I would have given up after 5 minutes. The little paintings are from Elizabeth’s Home Decor and Design in Newton, MA.  I have to find a little spot for them.


The Shopping List:

I did not spend a fortune furnishing this room.  Below are most of items I used in the room and the sources.

IKEA (see note below)
Etsy (I found my gingham pillows at Home Goods but these are very close)
School House Electric Qult – the softest summer quilt I have ever touched.
Target cotton blanket – I bought these in multiples in tan and navy. Target also has a gray color way. They wash nicely and pass the softness test.


The PB Kids lamp is similar to the one I used that is older.
This print is from One Kings Lane  – I found mine at a consignment store.
We hung an antique fishing rod above the window that I grabbed at an estate sale. This is from Ist Dibs.


School House Electric knobs

Design Mistakes…

  1. I waited way too long to order window treatments.  I wanted white shutters in all the bedrooms which works in this room but it takes about 5 weeks and I ordered in late June so….I messed up!  We put up paper ones for privacy until the others are installed.
  2. I was planning on bunk beds in this room so I bought a trunk to put at the bottom of the bunks for extra storage, when we had to change design plans the trunk no longer works.  Lesson learned, buy all the decor after the design is done.


Anyway, this ended up being a peaceful and yet somehow still very boysy room.  I kept it simple so everything has it’s place for quick pick-up and guests don’t feel like they are crashing.

Side note – The dresser from IKEA is wonderful and I would tell anyone to buy it.  I feel I should address that fact that many IKEA dressers have been recalled lately due to accidents which have caused deaths. If you buy an IKEA dresser I would definitely use the safety instructions and kit or have a handy man tie it into the wall. I would recommend that with any tall furniture where little ones could be wandering around.  In this case it is better to be safe than sorry.