Old bath, New bath

So, Brian told me the other day he has a break between jobs and a couple of the guys he works with can begin demo on our last and final project… the old master bath.  After we renovated back in 2007-2008 we built a new master and bath over our garage and my daughter took our old bedroom and small bath. I will warn you, blink and you could miss this mini bathroom but I love it!  It is so compact that only one small human can use it at a time.  The bathroom is original to the house which means wow its old, about 70 years old.  The shower is like washing yourself in a broom closet.  But the best part is it is aqua tile…  Now I know some people love that look right now, but I am just not sold.  The color is a little jarring in the morning.  I know retro tile is making it’s way back but if it’s not something I would pick out in the tile store, why leave it in the renovation.

Here are the before pictures which are always a little scary.  You can’t see it but this shower is not in working condition (for years).  It leaked right through the floor into a light fixture on the first floor a few years back.  We had to rip the first floor ceiling out to fix the leak.

My husband and I both agree that the tile work on this bathroom is so well done.  The craftsmanship is really good – it definitely stood the test of time.

The tile on the floor has seen better days (in the 80s) and we all agreed it has to go.

The heating system in the bathroom works fine but it tough on the eyes, so this will be replaced.

Ok, this sink is one of the things I like about this bathroom.  It is about 20″x 18″deep.  The fixtures have their struggles but they work.  I could do without the plumbing underneath.

I love to watch reality shows and follow IG accounts that move very fast with renovations.  They are not my reality.  This project will take time – especially since I have nothing picked out (shhhh – do not tell Brian) and we have to work around when the guys can come out and work.

So if you are a patient soul, follow along and I will post updates as we progress.  My plan is to post the good, bad and the ugly of a renovation (right now there is a horrible small dead animal smell in there so that should be fun…)

Hopefully next week I will have photos of a demo-ed bathroom but if not, I will post the design plan.