Field Trip Friday and an Artist Spotlight – Brimfield

Last friday my friend and I made a trip to the Brimfield Antique Show with two things in mind, one was to just wonder and explore.  The other was to find the artist Mary Maguire’s tent.  I have to say this mind set worked because it was a great day full of unexpected finds at Brimfield.

img_2488Above is one of the many fields at Brimfield.


I felt overall the show was a little more global this year.  I saw many beautiful linens and indigo fabrics from Africa and these grain sacks below from France.

fullsizerender-3 img_2493

I love the detail on these chairs but also the original art  of a smiling whale was so tempting.

img_2492 img_2478 img_2479 img_2491

I decided we need a golf cart for next year – is that allowed?


Food52 set up a tent across from the food pavilion.  I was curious about it so we stopped in.  I am not sure what to think of it.  The tent was very curated with pieces you can buy on-line there and have shipped to your home.  Isn’t there something to lugging your treasure home?? Or in my case having my friend lug it to the car….


Other than the characters, curious wares and side show quality to Brimfield.  We all go for the hunt.  To find something that makes your heat beat a little faster.  Maybe because you thought it only existed in your dreams or maybe it is the unbelievable price.  But this is why we go.  My friend and I had that moment when we spotted these…


These are African trade beads made out of glass and strung on rope or straw.  They are beautiful when you hold them up to the light and look great draped across a book or on a book shelf.


I won’t name the website because it is one of my favorites but these blue ones above were $345.  Now maybe they were antique and had a special meaning but they look just like the ones we found for $25!!!  And my friend got another $10-20 off (I can’t remember) because we bought a whole bunch!


The beads are temporarily displayed here with my copper figurines but soon they will travel to the Cape and live happily there!

My second mission today was to find the Mary Maguire tent.  If you have ever been to Brimfield, saying it is huge is an understatement.  The fields and tents all look a like.  You start to feel like you know where you are going and then you are lost in a sea of antique wooden crates.  At one point I almost just started yelling, “Mary, where are you?”.  But we found her and she did not let us down.  This artist (here), who sells uniquely framed prints of animals, portraits, nature, ships and shells, creates pieces with a whimsical quality that I love.  Her pieces have been in many magazines, including House Beauitful.  Here are a few examples of her work and photos of her tent display at Brimfield.

th-3 th-5 th-4 th-7 th-6



I bought the black silhouette bird prints above, scroll down to the next post and you will see how I used these pieces.

I plan on going back to the Brimfield Antique Show for more fun in May. It is always different and entertaining!

Me and Jana leaving the show….  Until next year!


Do you Buy Now, Design Now???

I have literally had a full vacation bag that needs to be unpacked and washed for about three weeks now… it does not even bother me, it can wait…  But when I buy a new design/decor piece for my home I have to place, hang or use it immediately.  What about you?  I went to Brimfield on Friday and I was so exhausted from the trip after that I just wanted to shower and go to bed but I really considered hanging these Mary McGuire prints before I even took off my dust and Brimfield-odor encrusted clothes…


I decided to hang these today, I could not wait any longer.  Obviously, I hung these today in reverse order.  First I took down the old hangings (original windows from our house, very pretty but I need some color) then I ignored the screws still in the wall, next I carefully measured and hung the bird prints.  Lastly, I made plans to putty the screw holes and touch-up the paint from the holes.  BUT at least they are hung and I can enjoy while eating my ramen.


I will take a better picture when the whole thing is ready for its close up with some tweaking and styling.  If you look really close you can still see the screws from the windows.

Here is what I plan on styling it up with…

Serena and Lily pillow
RH pillow
This ceiling light from Dunes and Duchess is so pretty.
This pendant from Visual Comfort would be great because it looks like a bird cage and also it does not block the prints.
Runner from World Market

Hope I am not alone in the buy now, hang now situation…  Friday I will be posting a full report on Brimfield, what I saw, bought and how I used it!

Lampshades and a Field Trip Friday

One great way to spice up your bedroom or any room is to add some colors and patterns.  I was browsing through Minted (here) the other day and came across these great lampshades for a cute little lamp I bought at the Brimfield Antique Show.


These lampshades are at a fantastic price point compared to having an upholsterer do it for you.  They come in three sizes and two fittings for your lamp.

Another thing you could do is DIY your own lampshade cover.  There are so many tutorials on-line.  The other day I took a field trip to a fabric store, Artee in Hudson, MA (here).  It was filled aisle after aisle of colorful fabrics in many patterns.

IMG_9194 IMG_9170 IMG_9179

It was worth the trip because the fabric store was on the top floor and on the first floor is Still Life consignment Store (here) filled with areas to browse and items to hunt through.  I found a few more silhouettes to add to my collection.




These lockers would make an interesting liquor cabinet.  I wanted to buy this for my garage, spray paint it sunny yellow and assign a locker to each kid.

Field Trip Friday to Laurel Grove

Do you know those cool little shops and stores that every town should have?  Those little stores with great owners with amazing ideas.  Places like these  are little gems that I love and go back to again and again.  I think the key to a good decor store is constant changing inventory and one of a kind objects.  Don’t get me wrong I buy quite a bit on-line and find it so easy, but if you truly want those unusual pieces in your house you have to find these little local independently owned shops.  They often have multiple vendors in their stores which offer variety.  They are busting their ass to provide new ideas and they love their store.  Reasons enough to find these store fronts and visit often.

Laurel Grove at 593 Boston Post Road in Sudbury, MA opened in October 2015.  It is this little store right on route 20 which cuts through Sudbury near the Wayside Inn.  One of owners, Kim is so friendly and ready to help if needed.  They offer home decor, furniture, repurposed items (like coffee tables and head boards) jewelry by a local artist and even succulents in unique containers.  Every time I go in they have new items to look at.  The store is small and cozy but bursting with fantastic finds every where you look.  The first time I went in I thought this reminds me of a Brimfield tent.

Here are a few photos I took and some off the Facebook page to look at:


I ended buying the bottom trunk for my son’s room.  A great place to store blankets and other little treasures.


I absolutely love Dash and Albert rugs and they have a great selection.

12973036_550345435144236_8349115553605530021_o 12968178_550770548435058_5877825540282778552_o

I took this photo from their Facebook page because I love how they repurposed these crates.

IMG_8316 IMG_8319

The succulents are so beautiful here and they style them in such creative ways.


Hope you enjoyed this little tour of Laurel Grove.  This was a fun Friday Field Trip.  Have a great weekend.


Field Trip Friday – IKEA!!!!

Ok so I am very late to the IKEA game….People have been raving about IKEA for years and I just never really bought into it.  I just pictured a lot of weird looking black, yellow, and white home decor.  Occasionally, I would get a catalog and like some of the rooms but I felt it was way too good to be true.   It wasn’t even the putting together process (I actually love anything assembly required) it was more the thought of it falling apart the minute I get it in the house.  But as I have mentioned a few times before, we are trying to spread out the spending on this cape house.

On saturday I made the mecca to IKEA.  I needed to look at the bunk beds and furniture to see it for myself.

This is one of the dressers I looked at and really liked. It will not get a ton of use because my children prefer to have their clothes on the floor.

I have never been to IKEA before so this was my maiden voyage.  Damn!!  Why didn’t anyone ever tell me how great it is??? (or did they and I didn’t listen??)  As soon as I saw the first carefully curated display of their new Brazilian line I felt a little faint.  I started snapping pictures like I was swedish paparazzi.

IMG_8292I inspected all the displays from floor to ceiling.  I loved the furniture, the lighting, the bunk beds, the vanities.  I starting texting friends like I had just discovered a new planet.  It was like Disney for me, I felt like twirling in circles and singing…I don’t think I was this happy on my wedding day.  Then my son’s hands blew up like a puffer fish from touching something somewhere in the store.  It could have even been the parking lot (I can’t blame my favorite store) I almost yelled out in the food court “Are there any doctors here?” I mean they had everything else I needed.  But I knew my husband would die on the spot…I washed his little bloated hands and eventually the swelling went down.  Not even for a moment did the thought cross my mind to leave.

All kidding aside, we plan on ordering many things from couches, chairs, outdoor furniture, dressers, bunk beds and a bathroom vanity.   I am worried about the quality of some of the pieces, like the bathroom vanity and faucet.  Plumbing and electrical and not always easy to replace if something is falling apart.  But some of the things we have bought from top bath showrooms are pretty crappy anyway.  Here are a couple iPhone photos from my adventure:

IMG_8199 IMG_8202 IMG_8213 IMG_8212 IMG_8188IMG_8215 IMG_8191

When I came home that night I started really looking on-line to see what people are doing with IKEA hacks.  I cannot believe the talent some people have to transform a simple dresser or bookcase into an amazing piece of furniture.

ace-hardware-3-copy IKEA-HACK-how-to-turn-a-standard-closet-into-a-built-in-for-craft-storage-using-IKEA-dressers-8 campaign-rast1 grid-cell-19214-1422549283-15













Then there are the rooms curated by IKEA as well as designers and homeowners.

erin-williamson-design-1 Lay-a-beautiful-table-ready-for-restaurant-guests-at-home__201641_idip13a_01_rf_PH134225 201624_idip13a_01_rf_PH132337 aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRjEuYnAuYmxvZ3Nwb3QuY29tJTJGLXl0M2FoM043RlkwJTJGVlRBVWRlakoyWUklMkZBQUFBQUFBQVFrUSUyRnZpMUs2WjRENUxRJTJGczE2MDAlMkZpa2VhLWJhdGhyb29tLTIwMTUlMkIlMjgxJTI5LnBuZw==

These are straight from the IKEA website:201631_idip17a_hs05_PH133537 ikea_badrum_hemnes_inspiration_1baby-safety-in-the-nursery__20151_idch05a_01_rf_PH119640Gina’s open-plan kitchen and dining area is spacious yet cozy__201623_idip10a_01_PH131522 20163_cost01b_01_PH132614 20163_cold01a_01_PH132806 201623_idip10a_hs02_PH131524


Field Trip Friday

Whether you are an outlet shopper or not, Restoration Hardware’s outlet is one not to be missed.  If you are in the market for furniture, rugs, lights, mirrors, widow treatments and even glassware this should be on your list to check out.  Everything in the store is marked down and then today it was another 25% off, which on a big ticket item can be a great discount.

I went with a friend who was looking for a rug and ended up with a beautiful rug at a fraction of the cost.  I was looking for a new mirror to be placed above my fireplace, one came close (the brass one below but I was undecided) but I did not buy any.  Instead I found a black metal tray I have been hunting for lately.  I was very happy with my purchase!

rows and rows of bedding
some of the rugs pictured here were vintage, I loved the one on top
this would look great in my dining room
over 50 rugs on the floor and more in the back
a row of headboards
brass mirror I was mulling over
only one these bowls in the store – kind of wished I grabbed it now…
I did snag that black tray underneath the bowl…love it!



Field Trip Friday – B.Barton & Company

You know when you find a store that really wows you, well I found it today.  I had the most amazing Field Trip today to B.Barton & Company in Hudson, MA.  Located on Main Street in the center of Hudson, this antique and vintage store had the greatest finds and a fabulous owner.  The owner, Barry Barton, searches estate sales and antique shows for items to bring back to his store.  Then he creates little vignettes throughout the store or repurposes furnishings to create great decor or furniture.

B.Barton & Company 87 Main Street, Hudson, MA.  Look at how cute this set-up is at the entrance
love this mirror and the antler plaques in the side – the owner and I bonded over a strange love of taxidermy
A few of the vignettes around the store
Image-1 2
The lights above, created by Barry, would be great above a kitchen table or in a beach house
Great hardwood detail!
Image-1 3
While in Hudson center, we grabbed some lunch at the very delicious Cafe 641 – great sandwiches. In my next post I will show you what I ended up buying and what I am planning to do with it!


Field Trip Friday

For my field trip I headed to Concord center.  I needed to pick up passport applications so I thought I would go around to a couple of the shops in the center.  If you have not been to Concord center, it is a beautiful historic main street filled with retail stores, antique stores, sandwich shops, and jewelers. When I was 16, I worked at the Benetton that was right on the corner of all the activity.  It was my first grown up job and I loved it.  It is now a cute little stationery and gift store “the Dotted i”.

I stopped in two stores, Thoreauly Antiques and Nesting on Main again searching for items for my bookcases.  Thoreauly Antiques is like stepping into a well curated museum of antiques for the home.  Mostly small items, trophies, prints, jewelry, dishes, silverware, delicate linens, etc.  The items change over frequently so it is worth many visits.

Lots of trophies like this one
Thoreauly Antiques



IMG_6388 IMG_6386 IMG_6393 IMG_6395 IMG_6390 IMG_6391

















Then I popped into Nesting On Main.  In this adorable store you will find all sorts of home decor, unusual jewelry, gorgeous smelling candles and soaps.  The whole store is like walking into a citrus and pine scented forest but with dressers filled with trinkets for the home.  I especially love the back room that is decorated like something from a movie set of a nature lovers den.  It is really amazing.

The back room at Nesting on Main which reminds a little of where Lauren Liess might go to shop.



















What I did with what I found:  I ended up with a couple of gifts for a friend from Nesting.  At Thoreauly Antiques, I bought a beautiful white dish for my bookcase and  I also got a soup tureen that I will put on my dining room table.  I am picking up a Ivy plant to throw in it to bring some green into the room.  I saw some insect prints too that I may frame.  But I need to head to Ikea for some plain white frames for that project.  Maybe the next trip!  I am looking to go somewhere a little more modern to play against all these antique items.

IMG_6438 IMG_6433 IMG_6454