Betwixt and Beautiful… New window treatments

Quick post!  My friend, Jana, and I just threw up these window treatments and drapery rods in about an hour (or should I say Jana did all the work while I supervised and talked about Vanderpump Rules).  The whole thing cost a little over $100!!!  Here is how I did it:


I spotted these curtains by Nate Berkus at Target on clearance for $20.99.  They still have them on line, but the sale is ending soon.


Above is the Betwixt by Schumacher fabric sample showing the pattern.curtain_rods_energy_new_copy_copy__70935-1463005748-500-750

I ordered these drapery rods from Urbanest for $42.99.  My friend, Devon, researched them for me after we saw these at the Junior League show house.  Tracey Foley of Water and Main and Cecilia Walker of Everything in Threes used them in the butler’s pantry/bar.


I also used these rings to lengthen the panels a little.


fullsizerenderI am so happy with the outcome!  It is amazing what two girls and a screw gun can get done in an hour!