About Me

When I started this blog I thought who am I to write about home design and lifestyle choices?  Why would anyone listen to what I have to say on these topics.  But this website is meant to be for the times I see or hear about something really great in home design, lifestyle, food or fashion, etc.  Often I see something in a magazine, on-line or when I am out that I think is really amazing and want to share it with everyone. This could be something created by a designer, an amazing piece of home decor, furnishing, wallpaper, paint color or fixture.  It also could be a really cool piece of art or delicious recipe I tried for the first time.

The other reason I started this blog is because I have now renovated three homes, one completely gutted, one slowly gutted while living in it with my family and lastly our cape house.  My husband is a builder so I have listened to many conversations about construction.  Thus I am not a builder but I think I am.  This blog will serve as a way for me to document some of our projects, good and bad, and the stories behind them.  If you have renovated anything you know there is always a couple good stories to go along with the construction.

It also dawned on me recently that I think my friends and family are getting sick of my phone calls and texted photos so I figured it was time to start a blog and bother rest of the world with my “look at this cool thing I found”.

Hope you enjoy!

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